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  1. SBaksh

    Question Regular fan to ARGB Hub

    Hi, Can i connect a regular 3 pin (III) fan to an ARGB Thermalright Hub? Thanks
  2. VenXxx

    [SOLVED] Need help with ARGB with 4 pin headers

    Hello, I need help and explanation on how to use this ARGB headers with 4 Pin headers(FANS). my case is MSI FORGE 100R and it comes with 2 argb fans(1 argb header and 4 pin header(the PWM)) and one ordinary 120mm fan(4pin) and a argb controler without 4pin**. (I have seen Tecware Forge M with...
  3. A

    Question Cooler Master MasterPlus Compatibility with Deep cool AIO and fans

    I have a DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX L360 ARGB AIO which came with 3X CF120 fans(The ones without holo ring) and planning to get 3 more CF120 Plus fans(The ones with holo ring) will the lights in the pump and all these fans be controlled using Cooler Master MasterPlus Software if I purchase and use the...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] RGB Controller for Sickleflow 120 ARGB 3 in 1

    I have bought Sickleflow 120 ARGB recently and I just notice it doesn't compatible with my RGB Controller from Cooler Master with Masterplus+ software I just wonder if there is any controller or another workaround for this my Sickleflow can be controlled...
  5. spiderbatman

    [SOLVED] Suggestion for ARGB Controller ?

    Is there a device that connects via USB and has its own software and I can connect all my ARGB components to this device? That way I completely bypass my motherboard software. I have used several 12 V 4 PIN to 5 V 4-1 PIN converters that 'claim' to be compatible with motherboard software but...
  6. spiderbatman

    [SOLVED] Cooler Master ARGB Controller & MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

    Hi, I recently purchased the cooler master argb controller - Link The reason why I purchased this was that it says on the website that it can make me control my ARGB stuff (5V, 4-1 Pin) through my motherboard software. I have a MSI B450 Tomahawk Max which has 2*JRGB 12V, 4 Pin and as per the...
  7. KimPossible34

    [SOLVED] No aRGB on Z390 UD Motherboard ?

    Hey all, I just made a new account because of a question I had. A friend of mine recommended me ask on this forum because someone may have a solution. Essentially, this is my first time building a PC. I used pcpartpicker and some advice from friends on what parts to pick. I ended up going with...
  8. A

    Question Phanteks RGB Neon strip with cooler master controller

    So I have the Cooler Master ML360 RGB, which came with a controller, and I also recently bought the Phanteks RGB Neon Combo Kit. The problem is that the strip does not change colour how I want it to. When I put it to rainbow mode, both strips are illuminated except for the furthest end on the...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Control case ARGB with and ARGB controller

    Hi I'm getting my hands on the Lian Li Lancool II case in a few weeks and i bought a Cooler Master ML360R for my CPU. The AIO comes with a ARGB controller. Do any of you know if I will be able to control the ARGB in the Lancool II case with that Cooler Master controller? Unfortunately, my...
  10. W

    Question Do I need a fan hub? feat. ARGB

    Hey, first of all, I've read a few forum questions about this topic but I want to be absolutely sure, not to have any unpleasant surprises. I have 3 Alpenfohn ARGB fans, and plan to buy another 3. I want to connect them all in a daisy chaining via one ARGB header. My mobo is Asus B450-E Gaming...
  11. W

    Question Need help with ARGB fan connections/hubs

    So... I have 6 ARGB fans that have a 4 pin PWM connector and a 4-1 pin ARGB connector (for asus aura). I've also got a CPU air cooler that has one 4 pin PWM connector and one 4-1 pin ARGB connector (also asus aura). My motherboard only has one ARGB header, two CPU fan headers and three chassis...
  12. Z

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to sync ARGB?

    Hello, I am planning to build a PC and the only thing left is all the RGB scene. I have been looking Cooler Master, Thermaltake... And every supplier tells me their controllers only work for RGB (non ARGB), that I should connect them on the MB, but my MB only has 2 ARGB connectors. So, is there...
  13. B

    Question Using Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB with no ARGB controller

    Hey everyone, I just got my hands on a brand new MasterLiquid ML360R RGB to replace an old 240mm cooler, and I'd like to know if I can install it on my MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon and skip the aRGB controler. Is it possible to connect the RGB splitter to the radiator fans and the pump, while...
  14. P

    Question Connecting Coolermaster MF120R and ML360R with rgb hubs

    Hello everybody, System: Case: H500m GPU: Asus Strix RTX 2080 CPU: Intel i9 9900k MOBO: Asus Strix-e Z390 gaming AIO: Coolermaster ML360R (not purchased yet because that's what this thread is about.) Other Fans: MF120R (not purchased yet because I have questions regarding the connection.) PSU...
  15. ZuRriX

    [SOLVED] Can I use ARGB fans with a Non-ARGB motherboard?

    Here is what I mean. I want to buy Raidmax NV-R120FBR3 kit, which is basically a set of 3x Raidmax NV-R120FB ARGB Aura Sync compatible fans, an ARGB 5V controller/HUB and an RF Remote. I own an ASRock H270M Fatal1ty Performance motherboard, that is not ARGB compatible, meaning it does not have...
  16. P

    Question ARGB help! Can I connect another argb controller to the argb controller that comes with ml240r

    I'm planning to buy the cm ml240r in preparation for summer, I know that it comes with a controller and I can mount it in in my x470 gaming plus mobo. I'm planning to get additional argb fans and the ones I found is called tecware arc spectrum...