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  1. zanekq

    Question Weird issue of Graphical Glitches/Artifacts happening in some games, and some not

    Hey guys. So I have this weird issue that in some games (mostly the newest, demanding ones) various graphical glitches are happening like texture stretching and flickering. Sometimes other stuff happens although rarely. It's very random, sometimes doesn't happen for a long time, and sometimes...
  2. T

    Question Screen tearing please help

    Hello anyone who is viewing this. I have an issue with lines popping up on my screen when i watch videos or are playing video games, i have an acer 1920x1080 60hz gaming monitor and a geforce rtx 2080, i got my graphics card replaced about 4 months ago because it was artifacting and i havent...
  3. N

    A good sli capable mother board for LGA1151 Socket

    Someone please suggest a sli capable mother board for LGA1151 Socket . Indian links will be appriciated