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  1. E

    [SOLVED] RX 480 8GB SAPPHIRE ''artifacting'' sudden problem.

    Hey guys, My GPU (I hope) picked up this problem out of nowhere where the screen displays ''artifacts''? usually after I launch a game for example War Thunder or Factorio. This happens on every game now and it is getting worse to the point where the PC is unusable. I can only play youtube...
  2. R

    Question MSI Gaming Z Rtx 2070 ARTIFACTING after RMA

    PC SPECS: Ryzen 7 2700x 4.1ghz OC Watercooled Msi x370 gaming pro carbon MB Corsair Venegance Pro RGB 16gb 3200mhz Rtx 2070 Msi gaming z No OC as of yet 500gb 860evo Samsung (win 10 pro) 1tb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm corsair rm750 psu Main workloads consist(ed) of photoshop, solidworks (CAD)...
  3. B

    Slow wifi connection on Linux

    I have recently installed Ubuntu 18.10 on my laptop. I tried to install the LTS version first but the wi fi wouldn't work. Now after I updated my Linux it works but very slow(max 400 kb/s speed when on Windows 10 I have 3-4 mb/s).Sometimes the wi fi on Linux stops randomly and i got very bad...
  4. T

    Chassis intrusion error

    Okay these all may be dumb questions but I am new to the computer thing. I have started getting a "chassis intrusion" error when I start my computer. As far as I knew this feature was never hooked up. I have done some research and tried implementing the things I found like shorting the cmos puns...
  5. M

    g4400+h110 mobo overheating is it normal?

    system info: ssd 240 seasonic 520gb active 4g ram only stock fan gtx 750 ti graphics card but its not the problem the problem: not playing when playing with bandicam btw,im playing rules of survival and using bandicam PS: my b250m mobo with gtx...
  6. AndrewFreedman

    Lenovo Unveils New P330 Workstations With Xeon E CPUs

    Lenovo's new line of workstations pack Xeon E processors and includes on tiny desktop. Lenovo Unveils New P330 Workstations With Xeon E CPUs : Read more
  7. J

    BSOD after new RAM installation

    Hello, recently I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 ( and a pair of HyperX 16GB RAM sticks (, which I then installed...
  8. L

    System hang up on Windows 7 64-bit, BCCode: 100000ea

    Hi guys, let me explain the situation: I had a system hang-up issue about 3 years ago, which happened 1-2 times in every day. However, it seems to be better now, since it happened like once in every month. The problem is, the system hangs up, only hard reset works, no BSOD. Yet, now the same...
  9. D

    Being spied on by M$ through my niece's HP laptop...

    So last night my ten-year-old niece was showing me her new HP laptop. She logged into her Microsoft account and started showing me Roblox, an M$ kids' game she plays with her friends. She then showed my her vocabulary assignment in Word. I had never heard of Roblox, much less played it, but when...
  10. bermayne

    Question about power supplies in Italy

    Hi all, one of my friends from Italy is looking to build a PC for the first time. He has a good list sorted out, but the only thing that concerns me is the Power Supply unit. I know that each country in Europe has their own power standard, and as a result the plugs and sockets are different...
  11. M

    Automatic (Timed) Sleep Has Stopped Working

    I'm baffled and troubleshooting shows no errors. I believe issue started last night and has continued today. Putting my machine to sleep manually works, as does waking it using mouse and/or keyboard. However, it has stopped going to sleep automatically, based on timer. I've tried: -...
  12. F

    My Nvidia drivers aren´t working with my Graphics Card

    Ok so i´ve been using this Nvidia Gtx Geforce 460 SE v2 for a few years, last year nvidia released a driver (forgot which one was) and some games stopped working, the screen suddenly goes black, the game starts to go slowly and pauses everytime. But with the 314.22 driver all my games work well...
  13. D

    My motherboard can't find my gpu.

    So the other day my psu fried and I replaced it yesterday. Now that I installed my new psu I found out my ssd with os fried as well. So I reinstalled windows with my other ssd. After an hour trying to figure out how to create a new partition and converting my ssd to gbt. I was able to finally...
  14. P

    Big problem with new PC

    Hello, I recently built a new pc. The specs are these: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 GPU: Asus Rog Strix GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB OS:Windows 10 Case: NZXT Source 340 Motherboard: AB350 Gaming I have a big problem thought. Sometimes I will get a no signal to monitor message. If I power up the PC the...
  15. J

    12 mbps download speed but steam shows 1.5

    So when I do the speed test for my internet connection it says that I have 12 mbps download speed but when I download games from steam it says that it is downloading with 1.5 mbps per second. Why is that ?
  16. FlareTech

    INTEL Skylake Integrated Graphics HELP

    My Graphics driver for my CPU keeps on crashing. I need to update the driver I think but I cant find the right one. It crashes every 15 minutes and its very annoying because it freezes for about 1 minute. Please help! I have the i5 6600K.
  17. M

    Asus Z170-A or Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 for light overclocking of i5-6600k?

    I'm building a budget Gaming-PC, but want the most out of the money! If I go with the Asus I barely have enough money, but should I go with that instead of the Gigabyte? Specs for my PC: Cpu: i5-6600k Cpu-cooler: Cryorig C7 Motherboard: ? Ram: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB Gpu: Asus GTX 1060...
  18. D

    4790k OC gets WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (Blue screen)

    So I'm trying work out the max stable Ghz and Vs for a 'performance' setting to but used only when 4k gaming on tv (2-3 hours average a week) and trying to find the maximum Vcore that could be advised for only light usage and I want the card to last 1.5-2 years (had it a year but no OCing)...
  19. TechSpecGuy

    Is 600w Enough For an R9 390 ?

    So my current psu sucks it's like tier 456 and I was thinking of upgrading to this one: it's a rosewill valens-600w and I was wondering if this psu could power an r9 390?
  20. G

    Which Laptop should I get for university?

    So the laptop I plan to get will be mainly for university work, maybe minimal video editing on an older vegas pro and light gaming. I will more than likely using it for netflix and listening to music. I have narrowed it down to 2 laptops: HP Pavilion 15-p011na 15.6 Inch 8GB 1TB Laptop. CPU...