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    Do the people who invented the internet have political opinions about the internet and what would they be?

    Should people get the internet for free? Is that one of the opinions they would have? I've been upset cause my youtube channel is like dead and wont grow and I know its because youtube one of the only good publishing websites is run terribly by google. As an artist I can't grow my channel...
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    Purchase Laptop for Graphic Designing & Gaming

    Hi I intend to purchase a laptop in a month or so. My Budget is around 60-80 thousand Indian Rupees. I usually game AAA titles now and then (Custom - High settings) but not full-time. Im looking for a laptop that has good colour accuracy, and good graphic card and can handle tasks like blender...
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    Facebook Journalism Project Battles 'Fake News' Problem

    Facebook announced that it has partnered up with media outlets, fact-checkers, and others to help combat the spread of misinformation on its social network. Will this prove more effective than the company's previous efforts? Facebook Journalism Project Battles 'Fake News' Problem : Read more