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As-rock pro 4

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  1. jonchgo

    Question Lian Li Unifan Controller & Asrock x570 Pro 4 Motherboard - where is the 5v argb???

    It may be my lack of sleep but I cannot figure this out. I need to connect my Lian Li Unifan Controller to my Asrock X570 Pro 4 Motherboard. Documentation say i need a 5v ARGB header and not a 12v ARGB header as the latter would do damage to my parts (and break my heart). I am lost - where do i...
  2. oliver88

    Question New B560 Pro4, i5 11400F with CPU Cooler, red CPU and DRAM Lights

    Hi, I got a brand new motherboard (AS Rock B560 Pro4), cpu cooler (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black) and CPU (i5 11400F). Everything turns on, Case Fan turns, CPU Cooler Fan turns, power light is on, but no Signal on Screen. I connect via HDMI on my Radeon R9 380x. The DRAM and CPU error light...
  3. D

    Bsod Memory management, Irql not less or equal among others.

    Recently put together my Ryzen 1700x build and from day 1 I'm having random BSOD issues. Nothing in particular seems to cause it, happens whether I'm gaming or just browsing. It's most commonly memory management, but I've also had irql not less or equal, Faulty Hardware corrupted page and...