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  1. hikaru00007

    Question can an immidiate power blackout at boot process damage components ?

    actually my first daughter yanked the power cable from the electric socket when her younger sister accidentally turn on my pc. now i've stuck at windows 10 logo . It takes 30 minutes from POST to win logo. and still nothing
  2. hikaru00007

    Question GTX 1050 mini 2Gb on 200w PSU ?

    i have HP Desktop P7 1040l, an old model from 2010 back. it powered only by 200w PSU and currently running : mobo Carmel LGA 1155 DDR3 i5 2400 2.5Ghz 8Gb RAM Vgen platinum (maxed) Ati Hd 4350 512Mb (no xtra power pin) 1 HDD 3.5" 500Gb 1 HDD 2.5" 1Tb so basically i Bought ZOTAC GTX 1050 mini 2Gb...
  3. 2

    Question 100 % usage please help asap!

    hey all I'm having a big issue with my pc. one day randomly I found my pc running super slow at time. i noticed animations and n game graphics were fine so I opened task manager and noticed my disk usage was at 100%. I have a Samsung 870 qvo 2tb and used Samsung's disk management app to check...
  4. twgamerbuilder

    GPU displaying video but not being detected

    I built a system for my friend and it turns on and runs fine, displays video through the gpu (rx 580) but the rx 580 isnt being detected. It doesnt show in task manager and it only shows in device manager with an yellow exclamation next to it. I installed the AMD drivers and upon finishing...
  5. C

    Question 5v connector

    I am building a pc for a friend and I purchased this case DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 V3 ADD-RGB 3F PC case E-ATX Supported,Motherboard or Button Control of SYNC of Addressable RGB Devices of Any Brands 3x120mm ADD-RGB Fans Pre-Installed with that I purchased a b365m ds3h from gigabyte but I don't...
  6. 2

    Question CPU overheating with aio

    I need help ASAP. I just got my build mostly complete I’m just waiting for my 3080 to finish my build. While in my bios setting up my pc fro first time I noticed I was having extremely high cpu temps i watched it go from 27c to 80c within minutes before turning my pc off in fear of any damage ...
  7. S

    Question PC wont stay turned on

    Hi all ive been scowering these forums for the past 4 hours tryin to diagnose my problems but no matter what i do i cant seem to figure out how to fix my problem The issue occured earlier tonight when i was playing videogames and my PC suddenly turned off, i tried turning it back on and...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] I think my pc is hacked

    When I go on discord I always get the streamer mode notification (telling me that I'm streaming my screen) but I'm not, I thought it was a bug from discord. But today when I went on Google Chrome I got a notification saying that my pc is being monitored by an administrator as if I work at a...
  9. ItsHyper

    Question Memory management and other blue screens

    About a week ago my computer started to run into memory management blue screens and other blue screens whenever I played games, please help me ASAP it’s annoying me so much. Ryzen 3 1200 Geforce 1060 6g 16g Ram
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Budget pc for 500 euro

    I wanna build a budget pc for about 500 euros, on italian amazon. I'm going to use it for 1 maybe 2 years, then I'll give it to my little brother (he's 10 now) I choised something already. (if it's possible I would like to spend even less, because I don't have much money now) CPU - RYZEN 5...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] PC Configuration under 30k (India)

    Need just a balanced PC-No specific purpose. The budget includes the following components- Monitor, CPU, Keyboard and Mouse.
  12. Question Samsung 860 QVO 1 TB SATA running slow

    Hi there, my Samsung 860 QVO 1 TB is running much slower than should (from what I've researched), I'm using AHCI mode and I've plugged the SSD into SATA0 . I've also made sure that I updated the drive using SAMSUNG Magician. Everything from what it seems should be fine, but the SSD is still not...
  13. T

    Question Can't reach AP configuration web page of Zyxel EMG2926 router

    I want to make a wireless bridge between my two routers with the Zyxel EMG2926 as the wireless access point and the other one wired to the modem. My problem is that after switching the router mode from "Router" to "Access point" the IP address switches to "" (Originally
  14. N

    Question Gpu error in device manager (43/19)

    My gpu (780) had problem with the error code 43 but after tryying some ways to repair it it changed from error code 43 to 19 and i cannot find a way to repair this one (most are for keyboards and cd/dvd roms) Please i need help asap!!
  15. S

    Question Need to know if I'll have enough power for pc?

    I recently bought a EVGA RTX 2060 SC Ultra Gaming Graphics Card for my computer since I'm upgrading little by little. - Link to all my parts Will I have enough for my new gpu? Yes, I know I have to upgrade my cpu and motherboard.
  16. twgamerbuilder

    Question USB Constantly Disconnecting

    So at random my pc will disconnect all usb ports abruptly and after 5 seconds or so it turns back on. This is extremely annoying especially for myself as I often transfer files through usb and having abrupt ejections is unacceptable. I have no clue what the reason is for this whether it be...
  17. trackerjackerly

    Question I want the best bang for my buck, also not sure what is compatible...

    Hey everyone I am looking to slap in a 8gb+ graphics card into my pc but have no clue what works with my pc and what would be the best bang for my buck so to speak. I am not looking to spend a lot so out of a $$$ spectrum I and looking to spend $ out of $$$. Thanks! Here is my pc...
  18. R

    Question I need help MSI Z390-A Pro

    Hey so I am building my pc rn and it needs to be done ASAP. Whoever knows how to build one please lmk so we can call on discord or something. I’m trying to connect all my cables to the psu and Mobo...
  19. C

    Big pc problem

    I just recently built my first pc and the pc will not connect to the monitor what is the problem
  20. D

    Is my 500W PSU good enough for OCed Ryzen 3 2200G and 1060 8gb (OC?)

    Hello, I am planning to buy a GTX 1060 6gb (possibly OC a bit) in a couple of month and was wondering if someone could tell me if my current PSU is good enough. Here is my current set up. PSU: Rosewill LEPTON 500 Modular 500 W Power Supply (80 PLUS GOLD Certified) Case: ROSEWILL MAGNETAR...