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  1. AxelCeee

    Budget GPU for Custom PC

    I need a GPU that runs on 400w PSU, and can play dying light at playable fps no matter what settings. Intel is prob the best bet here and my limit is $130. My build is here ------------>
  2. A

    Can my laptop run this?

    My laptop specs are : CPU : Intel core i7-4710HQ 2.5 GHz GPU : HD 4600, Nvidia 840M 2GB RAM : 8 GB HDD : 5400RPM and the applications: 1. Premiere Pro CC with 1 hour 1080p video 2. After Effects 3. Blender 4. DaVinci Resolve? 5. Maya
  3. Z

    1st Time Gaming Rig Looking For Advice

    Hi this is going to be my first time ordering a rig and i just need to know if everything looks good and if there is a way to save more money besides putting it together myself. Tell me what you think and i am open to feedback. I'm looking to be able to play games like gta v and skyrim at normal...
  4. K

    Bottlenecking GPU? Intel(with nvidia gpu)

    So will the... MSI GTX-650 OC Edition bottleneck when work with my old i3-530. THX in Advance!
  5. A

    Issue in setting up static IP under WAN section

    Dear Team, I am trying to configure my D-Link DIR-600M router but I am facing an issue while configuring it, I have an Exetel broadband connection and they require that IP address to be configured under WAN section should be “Static WAN Mode” starting from this range ‘10.30.x.x’ but while...
  6. M

    R9 280/HD 7950 enough to hold me untill Mid 2016?

    At least on 720p?
  7. B

    3.0 flash drive won't work in 2.0 port

    Hello guys, my kingston data traveler 3.0 stick isn't being detected in 2.0 ports, I just get the "usb device not recognised" error message. works fine in 3.0 ports tried on at least 4 different computers and formatted with kingston format utility, no go. Any software to fix it? Thanks guys.
  8. C

    Surface Pro 3 or Macbook Pro

    Which is better for general purpose and for gaming?
  9. R

    Motherboard, CPU and Case Compatibility

    So Ive decided to (almost) fully rebuild my pre-built HP computer. NewEgg is having a sale and decided why not do it now. I picked out the mobo and need a CPU as I realized that the socket types are different. Looking for a decent CPU under 140$ Motherboard...
  10. W

    Is the Haf X still worth it?

    As the title says, I want to upgrade my mid tower to get more space for future purchases and upgrades (mobo, cooling, etc) but would like to know if the Haf X is still a viable option considering its about 4 years old. Its the most decent one they sell on my local store.
  11. N

    hard disk swap

    Hello, I want to take installed programs and place them on a new HDD. is this possible with a copy paste? or do i have to install eeeeeeeeeeverything again? please help, thank you veeeeeeeeeeery much:sarcastic:
  12. C

    Is the asus mx279h monitor good?

    I'm thinking of getting a new monitor and I think the asus mx279h is a good choice is there any better ones for a similar price or cheaper?
  13. R

    BF4 worth it?

    I already have BF3 and i play multiplayer. is it realy worth it to buy BF4? ANd will my PC can atleast play Multiplayer above 30 fps? CPU: I3 2120 GPU: GTX 660 2 GB RAM: 8 GB
  14. dovah-chan

    How long do we have to wait

    Is Samsung ever going to make more green RAM again? I know they stopped producing them in order to supply the ever growing smartphone DRAM production and changed some of their fabs around for SSD production as well. Also any news on when RAM prices are going to be lowered? I know that the Hynix...
  15. D

    Watch Dogs w/ SweetFX crashes at Startup, didn't happen before (RadeonPro)

    Hey. I use SweetFX for Watch Dogs. It has worked beautifully for weeks, even with the new patch. But now, all of a sudden my game crashes at startup with no loading screens. I have reinstalled, and that doesnt work. Please help. This was working fine, so something must have happened.
  16. K

    Will this setup work?Will it not bottleneck?

    CPU - AMD FX-6300 3.50GHz MOBO - Gigabyte GA 78LMT S2 GPU - Sapphire R9 290 TRI X 4GB RAM - Gskill Ripjaw 8GB dual 1866 Case - Aerocool GT Black Gaming PSU - Corsair CX750 750W
  17. P

    Plex FreeNas server from my old system

    I know general builds have been discussed on this topic, but I'm hoping for someone's eye to help me make the most of what I have. I am currently using my old PC as a htpc running Plex - it works pretty good, but I am looking to convert from a windows based standalone media player to a FreeNAS...