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  1. weztmarch

    Question Need info on 9900K Direct Die Cooling with an AIO

    I have already decided to delid my 9900K because I am very close to thermal limits in Cinebench and stress tests. Rockit 89 is waiting for me in the next room. Beyond that fact, I have also placed an order for the Der8auer Direct Die guard, which is something I am not 100% certain about. In his...
  2. F

    Question New Motherboard in old HP computer case

    I have an old Workstation HP xw4400 which I would like to update. Before buying the wrong nessesary parts, I'd like to know from somebody with potentially corresponding experience, if it is possible, to build in et al a newer ATX Motherboard, because housing and Mainboards are known to be very...
  3. gm-madi

    Desync / Lag in all almost all games

    - Ryzen 1600 Stock / 3.8ghz - MSI gtx 1050 ti Gaming X Stock / 1911mhz - Adata 8gb 3000mhz CL16 - Samsung NVMe 256gb - msi b350 gaming plus - Acer V226HQL 60hz 1080p monitor, connected with HDMI cable via DVI-D adapter because the monitor doesnt have HDMI. - Mouse: Genius m6-600 ( 3310 sensor...
  4. C

    Fair price to sell my system

    Just wondering what the best price you guys would think i could sell my PC for. Specs motherboard: Dell XPS 8700 DZ87M01 LGA 1150 desktop motherboard KWVT8 0KWVT8 CPU: i7-4790 GPU: GTX 1060 6gb superclocked RAM: 16gb corsair vengeance ddr3 PSU: EVGA 600 watt power Case: Corsair spec-04
  5. S

    Issues with video cards

    So recently both my 980 TI's started smoking and I need to find a replacement videos and make sure my PCI E slots are not burnt out how would I approach that safely and what video cards are good replacements that are decently priced AMD or Nvidia? Please note that the 980 TI's was my first...
  6. V

    Wraith cooler better than hyper212x

    So what is the solution without spending more money?
  7. G

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.5.2

    The company told us that the driver was originally supposed to prepare AMD-equipped systems for 'Budget Cuts,' a stealth game for the Oculus and Steam VR platforms, but developer Neat Studio delayed the game shortly before its scheduled debut. AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition...
  8. K

    Stuttering during game play.

    Hello colleagues.I bought a second lenovo y50-70.i realised it stutters in all game i play(Euro truck simulator,nfs the run,most wanted after 5 minutes of gameplay).Fifa 17 is unplayable even wen using the gtx 860m.the cpu and motherboard temperature hover between 85 and 95 degree mainly then...
  9. N

    My PC, Audio system and the router keep restarting

    So yeah, as the title said, they just keep restarting. At first I thought it was the PC, then I noticed that my Audio system which I use as a speaker system is off as well, and when the PC boots up, there is no internet for a few minutes. I have no idea what it could be, any ideas?
  10. Jmurph01

    A6 7400K Vs. A6 5400K

    Which of these would be better for gaming? I'm not sure.
  11. M

    Best cooler for socket 2011?

    I have a system with a 4960x and high profile dominator ram, using a rampage IV extreme motherboard. Which air cooler is best for this? I don't want it to cost more than £60. It may also be lightly overclocked. Thanks in advance...
  12. O

    Will having a Gtx750ti with a i5 6500 effect my cpu performance?

    at the moment i have a i5 6500 and a gtx 750ti i was wondering if my gpu will effect the performance of my cpu because i feel like the i5 6500 is to good to be pared with the 750ti. and also will having a corrupt hard drive (100% usage) effect the performance of my cpu.
  13. P

    FIFA Compatibility issue

    Hi, I'm trying to play FIFA 08 on Windows Vista and when I try and run the program, I get the error message: "This application is not compatible with the installed operating system. Please upgrade to Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 or better." I have tried running in all different compatibility...
  14. N

    Asus H170 Gaming Pro vs Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 vs Gigabyte GA-Z170-D3H

    Hi, I am just confused between those motherboards "Asus H170 Gaming Pro vs Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 vs Gigabyte GA-Z170-D3H" which is the best one ? because those two gigabyte MoBo's are on the same price with "Asus H170 Gaming Pro". i was like this is h170 and they z170 how can be they same...
  15. V

    Liquid cool GPU - ID cooling 120L x Zotac GTX 1060

    I have Zotac gtx 1060 and ID cooling 120l. I am planning to buy nzxt x62 as a replacement to liquid cool my cpu. As I don't want to put my ID cooling 120l come to waste, would it be possible if I put it on my gtx 1060 gpu? If yes, what else do I need? Water block? TIA!
  16. J

    SSD compatability advice

    Hello there I currently have a MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING motherboard and I'm looking to add a good SSD and do not know were to begin with compatibility or even general specs of SSDs to look at. Once installed Id love to reinstall windows onto the SSD to it boots faster and a few select applications...
  17. A

    asus trackpad not scrolling for gl552vw

    my trackpad used to work fine but then after an update it sstopped scrolling and i dont knw how to fix it
  18. S

    Want to buy a 4gb ram

    I have intel pdc g3220 ,gigabyte h81ms1 ,4gb evm ddr3 ram , zotac gt 730 2gb ddr5 graphics , I want to upgrade ram 4gb to 8gb . Which 4gb ram shall I buy ?
  19. C

    Oculus compatible ?

    I have a gtx 1070 And 8320 overclocke to 4 ghz 16 gb of ram Mother board is asrock 970 exteme3 r2 I notice the gpu barley fit
  20. R

    GPU Overheating while Gaming

    My GPU(GTX 770) overheats in about a minute after starting a game,this started a few months ago,and i thought it was the thermal paste as the GPU is about 2 years old,so yesterday i changed it,all seemed fine as the idle temps went from 35C to about 23C,but then i started playing CS:GO(which...