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  1. X

    Question PC will boot from removable USB, but not from internal HDD or CD ? (SOLVED)

    [Moderator edit: Moving post from Systems to Open Source. More applicable.] This is a computer I got from an estate sale a few months ago. It's an old Acer Aspire, I think it's from 2014. Motherboard is factory, processor is Intel Pentium J2900 with integrated graphics. Hard drive is 1TB...
  2. sidiqb

    [SOLVED] NVMe support on Acer Aspire 5

    Hello there! I have an Acer Aspire A514-51K that I want to add the NVMe SSD in. I found this one on the web that I wanted to be installed in my laptop: My laptop is capable to have SSD NVMe PCie gen 3.0 x 2 2280 My question is, can I install...
  3. Carolinadb

    [SOLVED] Help me upgrade RAM for my Aspire 5!!

    I have an Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-363A core i3-1115G4, 4gb RAM. I'm looking to upgrade RAM, idk if it has another slot or if it's even possible to upgrade (I haven't tried opening it up to have a look, I want to know for sure it can be done before I take it to the tech). In case it is, which one...
  4. R

    Question bluetooth device not auto connecting

    bluetooth devices are not auto connecting after laptop shutdown , and in every sutdown it unpair and I have to pair it again with the computer every boot . It only auto connects when I have my computer turn on , then I can even turn off bluthoot and turn on again it will auto connect fine ...
  5. jbrighton

    Question Two different computers no longer booting after installing Corsair RAM kit (even with previous memory!)

    Two years ago I bought an Acer Aspire XC-885 with i5 8400 and 1x 8GB 2666MHz RAM after my previous system stopped working, as I was desperate to get a new computer asap after my old system (which was pretty outdated by then) had stopped working and I was unable to figure out the problem. Because...
  6. Odonix

    Question Not getting same FPS that I used to get ?

    Ever since about a year ago I noticed that my laptop hasn't been performing anywhere near as well as it used to. My laptop is an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM The processor is a 7100u which uses Intel HD 620 graphics. In Device Manager, it was telling me that I had the latest driver for my...
  7. Beatlesfan1

    [SOLVED] Aspire tc-705 compatibility

    I’ve been doing some upgrades to my Tc-705 desktop computer and made one recent upgrade and one possible (depending on importance) upgrade. One upgrade I did was boot up my graphics card to nvidia gtx 1650, which fits perfectly with my motherboard and have no issues with its ability to work...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Will this GPU be compatible with my slow prebuilt Acer Aspire XC-230?

    Hey all, just wondering if this GPU would be compatible with my Acer Aspire XC-230? I just want to play Civ VI, CSGO and Stardew Valley on it, no high end games. Thanks all!
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Acer Aspire XC230 won't boot from USB

    Hi all, turned here because no other tutorial helped. I have an Acer Aspire XC230 desktop which I bought a few years ago. Last year I installed Linux Mint because the system was extremely slow on Windows. I would like to now reinstall Windows on the system, so I followed the instructions on...
  10. Koesherbacon

    [SOLVED] Moving an entire system from one case to another?

    Hi. I'm pretty new to designing and building PCs, but not to upgrading and adding hardware to existing towers and laptops. I've already upgraded and added several components such as a couple fans, two PCI devices, added RAM, replaced HDDs, etc in the tower I'll describe in more detail below...
  11. Atix

    Question My laptop got into automatic repair loop, what can I do?

    Hy there! I have an Acer aspireV15 V591G, I had windows 10 on it and recently when I turned it off the automatic repair was working but I didnt want to wait for it to finish so I shut off the laptop. After all this once I tried to start the laptop, it would start automatic repair and never...
  12. Chrisjhill

    Question Acer Aspire VN7-591G Not charging or powering on after taking apart to dust

    Hi everyone, I really need some good advice here. I've been looking all over every forum I can find and it seems like anyone else with the same issue doesn't get much response. As titles states, took apart my laptop just to clean the dust out since it had been a while and my performance was...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] for how much i can sell this pc

    Hello i wan't to ask you how worth is this pc and how much i can get for it. Computer Acer Aspire XC-705 Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device...
  14. A

    acer laptop for university/etc? (5-6 years)

    Hi! I need to buy a laptop for university and daily use , there might be some demanding apps (3d design , circuit design , etc) but most configurations are ok . my problem is with build quality , I dont know if the laptops Im considering can last 5-6 years (no gaming) , since Ive heard people...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Can I install a GPU in my Acer Aspire AXC-230?

    Hello, I own an Acer Aspire XC-230 desktop I was wondering if this PC can have a GPU such as a GTX 720 installed? I think I can see a slot for one, but I am not too certain and am new with upgrading. Thanks!
  16. B

    Question Performance issues after RAM upgrade

    I own an Acer aspire E5 572g-525v. I recently added another 8 gigs of RAM to it which had identical specs to the factory default stick except for the capacity. Now, I did run into some BSODs initially but over time they fixed themselves. As of now though, my biggest issue is the performance drop...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Should I upgrade my RAM or upgrade to an SSD on my Acer Aspire A315-51?

    Hello. I use my laptop for general use. No gaming except for roblox. It performs pretty sluggish even on high performance power plan when plugged in. Should i buy an SSD or an extra 4 gigs of ram for my system? I see 100% disk usage alot in Task Manager and i commonly see 80% of ram usage, but i...
  18. T

    Question Can't adjust brightness on windows 10 on my old notebook hardware upgrade

    Hello everyone, I have a 2010 Acer Aspire 5742ZG (p614g32mnkk) with original BIOS v1.01 running on Windows10 for 2 years now (original was Windows7 Home) and I have recently done the following hardware upgrades: from (original specs)... HDD 320GB 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz Intel P6100 (2.00GHz - no...
  19. Y

    [SOLVED] Acer E5-571 no display after changing to uefi

    Hi,I recently tried to install windows 10 onto my Acer E5,noticing that I couldn't change my hard drive to gpt without uefi,I went to the BIOS settings and changed my bios mode from bios to uefi,after restarting my computer,the laptop won't display and the fan doesn't spin,I'm not sure what it...
  20. J

    Newegg rebate issues

    The other day i purchased a ryzen 7 2700 and an Asus rog strix X370-f gaming in a combo on newegg. Link: It is no longer avaliable now, but i'm concerned with the $50...
  21. D

    [SOLVED] Gaming PC Puild

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on a gaming PC build that can run Rocket League at 1080p max settings with 60+ FPS. Location: United States Budget: $500
  22. M

    [SOLVED] Steam won't load on my wifi network

    Im facing the problem where everying else is woking fine on my wifi network, chrome, amazon etc. but steam is not loading at all, the steam store wont load also not downloading any game updates as well. I have decent wifi connection and everything works perfectly on it except steam. Please help...
  23. Danger-Lifter

    Question SSD vs sshd as second drive for VM run

    Hi. Guys. I have rog g501 which has SSD 128 m.2 and sshd 1tb sata 3. I am working as programmer and run virtual box with Linux on my win machine and working mostly in it. Because of main SSD is not large enough I have to run VM on my second drive sshd. And I am willing to improve performance of...
  24. Halo Diehards

    [SOLVED] Need help troubleshooting Anthem lag (no other games lag)

    Long time console gamer here, easing more and more into pc gaming. For the last year I've been playing Fortnite and Overwatch on the pc, and more recently Apex Legends, as well as beta testing Anthem and other games. I also run Halo Forge on my pc. The only game I have any problems with...
  25. H

    Question Small Question Between Ram Choices

    In my region (HK) on Newegg, there are two choices of ram I can choose from and want an opinion on which one I should go with. The first one is the GeIL EVO SPEAR 16GB (2 x 8GB): The second one is the G.SKILL Aegis 8GB (I would get two of these):
  26. F

    Question Evga single fan gtx 1060 6gb 81c under load

    Hi , so its come to my attention that the gpu i foolishly bought about 2 months ago which was evgas single fan gtx 1060 6gb has a completely garbage heatsink and fan , under load it gets up to 81c which i know is a bit too hot for a gpu . What im wondering is if there is anything i can do about...
  27. J

    Question VMware Workstation Pro - USB PROBLEM "Unknown Error"

    I Can not connect any USB Please Help....
  28. S

    [SOLVED] Monitor going to deep sleep

    Hi I'm hoping you guys can help, My monitor is going into deep sleep mode instantly when I launch any game. I tried using Ugine to stress test it and as soon as it starts, the monitor goes into deep sleep and I can't wake it up without a hard restart. The PC keeps on running in deep sleep...
  29. H

    [SOLVED] Is it normal?

    Hello guys, In the Upper of my screen there is black line is that normal? Yes I can't get my cursor on it I have checked my resolution its 1920x1080 (recommended) My screen link:
  30. E

    Question Cannot get my old user

    So I recently just bought some new parts for my Gaming PC, I bought a new CPU and Motherboard, the issue is every time I boot the system up, it comes up like normal till the sign in/log in part at the beginning where I have my fathers old user account but not the new account I use, I did not...
  31. R

    [SOLVED] Best gaming pc for £500? P

    Hi my girlfriends brother is looking for a gaming pc that will be used to play games such as fortnite and apex legends etc.. and I offered to help him as he had no clue into gaming PCs. He also wants to use it for school work and stuff like that Would there be any prebuilt, pretty powerful...
  32. M

    Question Does encrypting an Android phone also encrypt old, deleted files?

    I'm going to be selling my phone soon. The advice seems to be to encrypt it then perform a Factory Reset. But does the whole internal memory get encrypted, or just the current, visible files? If so, surely that leaves old, deleted files recoverable.
  33. Jimcuchim

    Question CPU stuck at 0.40 GHZ when on High Performance

    I have a i5-8520u 4GB of RAM No graphic card And a 256GB SSD. I noticed huge amount of lag when playing games last week and found out that my cpu is capped at 0.4GHZ whenever I switch to balance or High Performance. In power saver, the speed gets up to 0.80 GHZ. I restored every default...
  34. R

    Question lines all over the screen on desktop monitor
  35. V

    [SOLVED] Just wondering if the parts I picked work well with each other

    Hey, I'm building my first PC and im not sure if the parts i picked work well with each other. Please let me know if i need something extra or if i need to change anything AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Processor Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WiFi CORSAIR...
  36. N

    Help - dilemma/advice buying a used laptop

    Hi, My old laptop stopped working properly about a year ago (long story, but quite a few problems with it). But... the 1TB hard drive works fine, and the 8GB of ram is fine too (it's a Toshiba Satellite C855 29L model, if that helps). I need a new laptop, and one that's going to last. My mum...
  37. N

    [SOLVED] are those compatible ?

    __ CPU - - __ Motherboard - - __ RAM -...
  38. G

    Question overclocking i9 9900k

    I have overclocked my i9 to 4.7ghz with a voltage of 1.215. when im in game my cpu is pulling a steady 4.39.. when i overclock the cpu to 5.0 ghz my cpu will be puilling a steady 4.69 ghz in game.. why is it always .3 below what i overclock it too?
  39. T

    Question Ram upgrade

    I have an hp pro 3000mt, it is working with 2 different 2gb sticks, im having problems witth getting another 2gb stick to work in the system, any suggestions?
  40. Ragnarous

    Question Constant micro stuttering when playing fortnite?

    Hello everyone, I'm a serious Fortnite player but unfortunately I run into a constant issue. My game, even tho I have only about 50 ping and 144fps seems to stutter randomly thus breaking my concentration and reduce my performance to track target and build correctly. My gf's computer doesn't...