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    Question MoBo for ryzen 2600

    Hello! Gonna upgrade maboy I7-3770 to Ryzen-5-2600 and cant decide which MoBo should i pick. I prefer cheap MoBo's, not gonna play with OC or smth like this. Is GigaByte B450M S2H good or better add some money and buy better mobo? If it good, can it handle pair of Kingston HyperX Fury...
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    Discussion Asrock taichi X399 Stuck in BIOS while updating bios

    Hello everyone , Asrock taichi x399 was not showing any sign or display and all chassis fan was not working first so i tried to remove CMOS battery and fan started working but gpu fan was running like jet engine at full speed and no display at all no beep , so i decided to flash bios via flash...
  3. Question RAM show Single Channel in Bios but in cpuz/hwinfo it show Dual Channel

    Does my ram running in dual-channel ? cause i'm using this ryzen 3 2200g igpu.