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  1. littlelegz

    [SOLVED] How can I give USB ports on my motherboard more power?

    I've been trying to use my Quest 2 with Oculus link via a USB 3 connection, however, for some reason I can only get a USB 2 connection out of my USB 3.1 gen2 type c on my motherboard (ASRock B450 Itx). I believe that this is a power draw issue because on one specific case, after plugging in my...
  2. littlelegz

    [SOLVED] Does plugging in Front Panel USB 3 disables USB 3 functionality on Motherboard?

    Hey all, I have the ASRock B450 ITX motherboard that advertises usb 3.1 gen 2 type C in it's IO. Recently, I've been trying to use this type C connector on my motherboard to connect the Quest 2 and run it at USB 3 speeds. However, the plug refuses to run at USB 3 speeds. After doing some...