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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Asrock B450 steel legend - install sata ssd (already M2_1 and M2_2 is occupied) question

    My mother board is Asrock B450 Steel Legend. Currently, M2_1 is utilized by Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB PCIe NVMe M.2 M2_2 is utilised by Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 Graphics Card on PCIE1 I would like to add 1TB SATA SSD to SATA3_A1/A2 or SATA3_1/2 Mother board manual says...
  2. Skydaz

    Question Local Disk Keep disconnect and reconnect sometimes while producing a Buzz sound.

    Specs ; Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 Ryzen 5 2600 Zotac Rtx 2060 16GB XPG ram B450m asrock steel legend 120GB SSD Gigabyte GP-GSTFS31120GNTD Health 97% 1 TB HDD Seagate ST1000NM0033-9ZM173 Health 100% source hddsentinel* Hi, so my weird problem is, when ever im using my PC {not idle} ...
  3. Onii-Chan Is A Newbie

    Question XMP not showing

    I have a b450m steel legends motherboard with bios version 3.60, the problem is when I go into the bios everything shows up except the xmp so I can’t overclock my memory
  4. naman.narula1

    [SOLVED] This is my build. What would you recommend changing in this?

    Some of the things I'd like to ask/let you know:- My budget is around INR 65,000. I am preferring the B450 over B450M because I feel the smaller MB will make the case look emptier. I will be doing some light gaming, video editing and also be running VMs quite frequently. I really want some good...
  5. 1mBad

    Question Mobo/ CPU cooler issue Today I went and changed the thermal paste. No issues before this. After reinstalling with new paste everything’s works fine except for the CPI cooler fan. I’m using the stock wraith prism that’s included. The RGB works but the fan does not spin. I have...
  6. hoopty_handler

    Question Staggered GPU Setup Not Working

    I upgraded my system from an fx8350 CPU paired with an MSI 970 Gaming mobo to a Ryzen 5 3600 and ASRock B450 Steel Legend. This has caused my "staggered" gpu set-up (1050ti & Gt730) to throw a fit, with the 1050ti being the sole graphics provider. I use the 1050ti for the gaming / main monitor...
  7. Abrus

    Question No Signal

    Hi I just built a new system asrock b450 steel legend motherboard 16gb ram and and ryzen 5 1600 af version, I have a Asus GTX 780 from my old system when I install it I get a no signal message on the monitor but I know it works fine on the old system, I had a old GTX 460 stuck that in the new...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Trident Z RGB Compatible With ASRock b450m Steel Legend?

    System Info: Case: Fractal Design Meshify C CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 Mobo: ASRock B450m Steel Legend RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400 PSU: Corsair CX650M Recently, I've been looking into upgrading my memory in my system. I recently purchased G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600MHz only to find out after...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Kingston A2000 NVMe on Asrock B450M steel legend

    I have Asrock B450m steel legend motherboard and going to buy kingston a2000 NVMe 250Gb ( ) . Will this m.2 compatible with Asrock mb? Thank you in advance.
  10. dammionx

    Question Need A RAM Suggestion 2x8

    Hello, currently now i'm using kingston 2x8GB KVR24N17S8/8 , i need some suggestion for the best RAM setup for upgrading my machine ( better if it has an RGB ), i need 16GB kit My budget is around $120 - $200 this is my setup My PC specs: CPU: Ryzen A5 3600 GPU: XFX RX580 8GB GTS BLACK Mobo...
  11. MaxMasum

    Question Asrock B450 Steel legend or MSI B450 Tomhwak Max

    Hello, I am going to buy Ryzen 5 3600 processor. But i am confused that as to what motherboard I should buy, B450 steel legend or tomhwak max?. Both are almost same price in my country. Many people say steel legend have vrm issue. At this point Max is best option. But i have Gamedias 6 ARGB fan...
  12. U

    [SOLVED] Case has USB C, MOBO does not.

    I am getting the H510i case, and it has a front USB C, but the ASRock B450 Steel Legend I'm getting does not have an internal USB C connector. Is there a way to still get the USB C to work, or do I need to consider another motherboard? (If so could you list one under 130 with an internal USB C).
  13. Nabeel 47

    Question What is better asrock b450m steel legend vs msi b450-a pro

    Need help. Hi there everyone. I have mistakenly ordered two Mobos ( asrock b450m steel legend and msi b450-a pro) instead of one and the shipment will reach me on coming Monday. Just wanted to know which Mobo is better, to keep? Asrock costed me 145 AUD and MSI 139 AUD. So there isn't a great...
  14. N

    Question RAM frequency is lower than it should be (CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 3200MHz)

    Hi, I have just put my PC together today and I have came across an issue which is well known and I knew I would come across. After inserting my RAM sticks with frequency of 3200MHz they unfortunately show up as 2133MHz and I have tried changing this in the BIOS however, each change causes the...