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  1. Nabeel 47

    Question What is better asrock b450m steel legend vs msi b450-a pro

    Need help. Hi there everyone. I have mistakenly ordered two Mobos ( asrock b450m steel legend and msi b450-a pro) instead of one and the shipment will reach me on coming Monday. Just wanted to know which Mobo is better, to keep? Asrock costed me 145 AUD and MSI 139 AUD. So there isn't a great...
  2. N

    Question RAM frequency is lower than it should be (CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO 3200MHz)

    Hi, I have just put my PC together today and I have came across an issue which is well known and I knew I would come across. After inserting my RAM sticks with frequency of 3200MHz they unfortunately show up as 2133MHz and I have tried changing this in the BIOS however, each change causes the...