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  1. Question How To Fix My CPU Core Ratio (Max Turbo Boost Multipliers)?

    Hi, got new PC. Core i5 12400F and AsRock H670 Steel Legend board. I updated BIOS to the fresh 11.04 and ran popular CinebenchR23 CPU test and was surprised. While my single core result was completely normal as expected (1710-1725), CPU's multicore performance is very low (below 10000 instead of...
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    Question Bricked Bios on ASROCK 970 extreme 4, dr. debug 0x06 Microcode loading, stuck on Microtrend screen before post (EN)

    Hi, I need your help/knowlege regarding a computer that stopped booting/POSTing Any hints what could be broken or how to debug (CPU, RAM, MB)? The ASROCK 970 extreme 4 does not POST anymore. Dr. Debug shows 06 (Microcode loading) error. On Screen I see the inital American Megatrend screen...
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    Corsair H60 vs EVGA CLC 120

    I'm getting an i5-7600k and am wondering which would be better. Corsair H60 or EVGA CLC 120. They're both on sale for $50. And not to seem rude but i don't care that a hyper 212 evo is the same thing. I don't want a massive chunk of metal on the inside of my case. I think the AIO would just look...
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    G4560 still worth or wait cofee/cannon lake?

    Hi. I wanna ask this cpu is still good for starter build? Or should I wait new cpus? If it still good recommend me cheap mobo, don't care about look, more features, conections, and quality - better. Also I wanna ask what ram I should choose 2133 vs 2400 and what cl?