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  1. daBee

    Question ASRock H97M Pro4 BIOS & Reboot

    Hi folks. I had to force the BIOS to start up after I initiated fastboot some time ago into UEFI utility. Long story. So I cleared the CMOS using the jumper for 5 seconds. I rebooted and the normal EUFI utility came up and I changed my settings. However my OS won't load up after a reboot...
  2. daBee

    Question Force BIOS Startup

    Hi folks. I own an ASRock H97M Pro4 that I've installed CentOS7 onto. I turned off the fsck on startup by turning on Quickboot. I don't even remember doing this. But I need to get back into the BIOS and I have no clue now to do this. Is there a way of getting back into the BIOS? Cheers
  3. J

    Computer stops in mid-boot!

    I've got a mystery-hope someone has got a clue. Motherboard with socket 775,Intel P4 3.0,915p chipset,4gb DDR2 400 memory,4MBit FWH Bios,700w power unit,NVidea graphic card and 1Tb western hard drive. They all work well together and tested on another computer. Here's the problem - I turn the...
  4. A

    CX430 for GTX 1070?

    Hi, My question is can a 2 months old CX430 PSU handle that GTX 1070 gpu safely? My system is: i7 4790 Evo 850 SSD 2x DDR4 Without any DVD Thanks ;)