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  1. ThatGuyBriBri

    Question Why doesnt the MoBo detect update file to upgrade bios?

    Trying to update ASrock B450M Pro4-CB MoBo For Ryzen 3000 chip but as soon as i go into bios to flash it with a PNY 128GB USB 3.0 stick Formatted in Fat32 with Rufus , the mobo cant detect image. What am i doing wrong or is this mobo locked?
  2. J

    Corsair H60 vs EVGA CLC 120

    I'm getting an i5-7600k and am wondering which would be better. Corsair H60 or EVGA CLC 120. They're both on sale for $50. And not to seem rude but i don't care that a hyper 212 evo is the same thing. I don't want a massive chunk of metal on the inside of my case. I think the AIO would just look...