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    [SOLVED] Asrock B550 Phantom 4 Mobo fans are very noisy on startup but if I turn off and on again they are silent.

    Hi all, need some help as unable to find the reason for this anomaly. When I turn on my computer after being off say overnight, the fan spin very loudly and will permanently remain noisy. However, If I turn off the PC and the restart it the fans will start quietly and remain quiet. This...
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    Question Very High Temps During i9 9900KF Benchmarking

    Hi Everyone, So very recently I bought a one month old IBuyPower build off of Craigslist. -AsRock Phantom Gaming 4 -i9 9900k Cache Speed 4.5 Ghz BCLK Speed 100 Mhz Core Ratio 50 Cache Ratio 45 FCLK 800Mhz -2080 ti (I did have not changed any settings at this point...