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  1. Z

    Question will ryzen 9 3900x be fine on X470 taichi?

    will the x470 taichi handle the 3900x on stock settings and will it be able to overclock the cpu fine?
  2. MarloK

    Question Strange spots on brand new X470 Taichi

    Hello, I need advice. I just bought a brand new AsRock X470 Taichi. Right from the box, it has those spots which look like wet remains. Now I wonder whether it's ok or not. What should I do? Return it back to the reseller? Or it's ok and I can try to start it and see how it's going?
  3. MarloK

    Question Question about AsRock X470 Taichi compatibility.

    Hello there, I already have RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio and RAM G.Skill Trident Z RGB (F4-3200C14D-16GTZRX). I have a question whether Taichi able to control lights of both of those devices and could there be any issues? For example, MSI's X470 Gaming Carbon Pro had an issue with controlling this...