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    Question M.2 SSD compatibility with Asrock Board

    Hi, I just have a general/stupid question on which I hope someone may be able to help me. I have a pretty old PC currently and wish to upgrade the SSD. I plan to move everything from my single SSD (250gb) to a newer one (1TB). All of my data (OS and files) are on this single SSD. I recently...
  2. H

    Question CPU socket pin broken off, fixable?

    Bought this asrock h110 btc pro off of someone, apparently a pin has broken off... Fixable or should I just take the L and get another board? Image
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    Question ASRock x79 extreme 4 with Intel e5 QA82 can't boot ?

    hi, i have asrock x79 extreme 4 and intel confidential QA82, bios is updated to latest version, everything looks like workig but can't boot. 00 error code on motherboard screen. any suggestions?
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    [SOLVED] DRAM LED on Asrock H470 Steel Legend

    I've recently bought myself an asrock h470 steel legend motherboard coupled with an i5 11400 and 2x8 ddr4 gskill aegis 3000mhz ram only to find that after trying to boot up my wouldn't boot... The fans would spin and all, there'd be rgb led's all over the place but no image. Only the...
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    Question Not booting after installing M.2 NVMe

    I have ASRock X399 Taichi with two M.2 NVMe (Intel 660P 2TB). One is used for the OS (Ubuntu) and the other is for the storage. I installed another NVMe (Seagate FireCuda 510 2TB), but the system does not boot (the boot drive is still one of the Intel 660P drives). When I remove the third NVMe...
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    Question Asrock H570M-ITX/ac won't boot with 11th gen Intel?

    On Reddit and the Asrock forum people seem to be having trouble booting on the Asrock H570M-ITX/ac with an Intel 11th gen chip. It gives 5 beeps and that's it, and whatever people try, it does not seem to work. I am reaching out because it is unclear to me if every buyer is experiencing this...
  7. safienam30

    Question Asrock x370 gaming x bios problem/bricked

    Hi there, I'm new here and don't know how should I ask for help. My apologies . I was updating bios to 5.90 form 5.20 and while updating I faced load shedding issue and pc turned off (73% done). After that turned power on and nothing shows on monitor (it's not posting anything on monitor). I got...
  8. Question B460M PRO4 asrock No Audio in 3.5mm port

    Hey I just built a pc and the audio jacks just make a static noise in the headphones with no other audio coming out. The ports on the case and on the motherboard both have this issue. I tried updating windows, updating the high defnition device drivers, and also windows troubleshooting tool. The...
  9. DanJohnsMSB

    Question About upgrade from Ryzen 5 1600 to Ryzen 5 5600x on B450 motherboard

    I currently have a Ryzen 5 1600 and ASRock B450M Pro4 motherboard and I want to upgrade to Ryzen 5 5600x. As everybody knows, I'll need to update BIOS to do that. But ASRock says that the newest BIOS version is only compatible with 2nd Gen Ryzen or higher. So the question is, can I still...
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    Question LGA 1200 - ADATA Memory Compatibility - (Not on QVL)

    Hi all, Anyone out there with more insight than myself, how can I check if the below memory kit is supported on any of these ASRock LGA 1200 motherboards? This kit isn't present on any motherboard QVL's, & there doesn't appear to be a QVL for it on the ADATA website. How likely is it this will...
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    Question Windows Boot Priorities

    Hello there, I've installed my windows on Samsung 970 EVO PLUS (I'm pretty sure) But in the motherboard bios settings it's showing that the Windows Boot Manager is Samsung EVO 860 and M.2 SSD as the 2nd option. But if i change the boot priorities as the m.2 first and Windows boot...
  12. JamieMan21

    Question Asrock x570 steel legend BIOS Flashback???

    Hello Everyone, This is my first amd build and have never had any issues before with a PC build but can't seem to get the pc to post. As I have eliminated all parts to be working fine apart and are compatible with this motherboard I can't get it to post. I belive it comes down to the BIOS...
  13. Question Can Asrock H81M-G boot from SSD via PCIe adpater?

    Hey guys, I have an ancient Asrock H81M-G and wonder of I can boot Win 10 from NVME SSD if I used this adapter?
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    Question BIOS issue with ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 ?

    Hello all. So I recently stumbled onto a potential issue with getting into the BIOS of my motherboard. So normally when the comp boots up, I can just spam the DEL key and I'm into the BIOS no problem. However, I’ve been messing with the settings a bit and wanted to go back to default. So I...
  15. Question How to control ARGB fans with ASRock software?

    have an ASRock B550M Pro4 motherboard and SilverStone PF240-ARGB all-in-one ("AIO") CPU liquid cooler. I have the radiator fans connected to ADDR_LED1 and the pump connected to ADDR_LED2. Nothing is connected to RGB_LED1 nor RGB_LED2. Everything lights up but it's in 'rainbow mode'...
  16. Runner48

    [SOLVED] What budget psu can i use for rx580 ?

    What quality but cheap power supply (80+ Bronze-silver) can I use for: RX580 I5 9400F ASROCK PG4 B365M 240GB SSD 1TB HDD 16GB RAM 3rgb fans 1 simple fan and 2 led strips
  17. M

    Question Black screen in game: have to cut the power off

    Troubleshooting: My computer crash when I play but never during benchmarks. The problem occurs randomly: sometimes on the main menu, sometimes after 1 minute of play, sometimes after 3 hours of play, ... I got a black screen and the fans are running at full power until I turn off the power...
  18. [SOLVED] Need help in deciding socket for M.2 NVME SSD on Motherboard

    Hello everyone, I want to get a new SSD for games as some games are very big and take some time in loading (Currently all my games are on normal hard disk) I already have 2 SSDs but they are small and are dedicated to multiple operating systems that I use. I have decided to get a WD Blue SN550...
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    Question Computer goes straight into bios and doesn't show any boot devices or my drives at all

    Im preparing to get a new cpu to I got a new power supply which I needed (the old one was 4 years old) everything went super smooth when it comes to connections. I used the same sata cable the 6 pin that says GA that was on my old PSU and it didn't work so I used the new one and that doesn't...
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    Question GPU for Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0.

    Any GPU recommendations for Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0? I am trying to revive an old PC to have it atleast usable.