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  1. G

    [SOLVED] i7 4790 Preformance?

    I have a I7-4790 3.6 boost to 4.0 one core turbo, and i have it bclk oc at 4.0 stable all core turbo now, but the performance inst matching videos online on youtube heres a refrence, View: i cant get near the fps shown in this video even at...
  2. quintonputter

    Question AC Odyssey crashes since upgrading Win 7 to 10

    So I recently upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to 10. Assassin's Creed Odyssey worked perfectly on 7, but now every time I try to open it, it crashes. All my other games still work perfectly. What gives?!?!?! My PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 3.6GHz Motherboard: MSI H81M-P32L Ram: 12GB DDR3...