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  1. D

    Question GPU underperforming --- power not going above 98% ?

    In EVGA Precision I have my power target at 117% and my 2080super never gets over high 90's. For example in AC: Valhalla I will be getting under 60fps but my gpu power wont go above 100. It is paired with a i9-9900k at 4.7ghz. My gpu temps never go above 75 either. Part of me feels like my...
  2. Question Assassin's Creed Syndicate stuttering a lot but my rig is good?

    So I bought AC Syndicate and I started playing yesterday and for my surprise the game doesn't run very well on my rig and I'm pretty sure my PC is well capable of running this 2015 game just fine but it is not what's happening... It doesn't matter how I set the graphics. Ultra, High, Low, etc...
  3. R

    Question How to fix a corrupted zip file?

    Hey everyone, I just downloaded Assassins Creed for retracted by moderator. I downloaded it completely (2.27 GB) but one file inside the zip archive (data1.bin) is telling me that it is corrupt when I extract it. All other work perfect and I don't even get a message normal while extracting...
  4. M

    Lost on the compatibility of FSP HEXA+ 500W

    I just bought the FSP HEXA + 500w. My specs are: CPU = I5 6600K GPU = GTX 1060 Motherboard = Z170A Pro Carbon MSI I was just asking, if there will be any issues with this "cheap" power supply. It has OCP, OVP and SCP protections. Can anyone help me thanks?
  5. T

    Which of these two laptops would be faster for light gaming?

    I'm on a cheap budget (~$550) and am looking at two laptops for gaming. Better processor, but weaker graphics: Weaker Processor, better graphics...
  6. S

    p45 chipset asus p5q3 q6600 775 memory

    I'm relatively new to the pc building scene and currently having some trouble with cpu/mobo/ram compatibility. I'm looking for some 8gb, 1600mhz (or better) frequency ram kits that would work with the following build: Intel q6600 2.4ghz (to be OC'd) asus p5q3 deluxe wi/fi ap 2x R7 260x crossfire...
  7. A

    About CPU Fan push pins

    Will it damage my CPU if i didn't turn the push pins in the right direction? Does intel processors auto shutdown if it reaches max temperature?
  8. S

    swapping pcb chips in HDD

    is it necessary that the replacement pcb chip no, must match all the digits on the original pcb board for the hdd to work ?. i have a 500gb Western digital hdd that stopped working( didnt even spin when connected to power ) a couple of years ago. A few days ago i switched its pcb board from a...
  9. T

    4x4 too much ram?

    So back in 2012 I bought 2x4gb of ram. A couple of days ago I noticed that only 1 of the 2 sticks were installed, so I bought another 2x4gb of ram. I slammed all 4 of the ram sticks into my computer and next thing you know I have 16gb of ram installed. The only things I do on my computer is to...
  10. C

    Stuttering in every game

    Hello, i have noticed that most games i play will freeze for half a second or so then continue, this only happens at first, then after a little bit of playing it will stop. Why does this happen? my PC is capable of running these games fine.... specs r9 280 i5 4590 8 gb ram 7200 rpm hdd
  11. Knicks2012

    Mad Max or MGS 5 on Sept 1??

    Which one of these games are you getting on September 1st?? Im still on the fence because they both look very good.
  12. J

    Dvi port on graphics card not working

    Hi, I recently finished my first pc build, and everything was working fine at first, until the display turned black and said there was no input. I restarted my computer and the monitor, and it worked again, but then the monitor turned black after a while and restarting didn't do anything. I'm...
  13. S

    Cool looking memory / OCZ Reaper X for sale?

    I am looking to buy cool looking memory modules for my green and black build. I would prefer to only have the colors black, gray, white, silver/stainless steel/aluminum, green, and maybe yellow or brown, but if you find something cool by all means link me to it! Also I am trying to find the...
  14. X

    Gaming at 2560x1080

    Hi everyone, I want to play games on a 21:9 monitor at 1080p, so at a resolution of 2560x1080. Will a gtx 970 be enough to play recent games fluently on very high/ ultra ? Or should I consider the 980? Is the price difference between the two worth it at this resolution? I couldn't find...
  15. I

    Microphone And Earbuds For Chat

    This might be a stupid question but if like to be 100% certain it would work before I buy, would it be possible to use a blue snowball/any microphone for talking to people in voice chat in games but then hearing my friends replys on my earbuds. Sorry if this is a dumb question I just wanna be...
  16. R

    I applied Thermal Paste, and now my FPS is much lower than before. Help?

    Well, as the title states, Today in the morning I received my Arctic silver 5 thermal paste compound. I simply did everything a normal computer wizard would do when applying thermal paste. Alcohol and Q-Tips to buff out the old dried up thermal paste and dry up the surface before applying new...
  17. R

    Best AM3+ mother board for over locking - under £80

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what the best am3+ mother board for over locking is, under £80. I am using an fx 6300 and im finding it hard trying to find the best one. Thanks!
  18. I

    8GB vs 16GB [Budget Gaming/Workstation Build]

    I am a computer enthusiast and I just want to build my own budget computer right around the holidays with the best deals. I am debating on what I should get: 8GB or 16GB of RAM. I have heard that they don't really make a difference, so I'm not sure. I primarily use computers for gaming and...
  19. Sand Paper

    Will I be able to run GTA V on PC?

    I won't post my specs because I'm too lazy. However, I will say that I can run Max Payne 3 on everything ultra at 60+ FPS (wont tell the exact figure annoyingly). If I can Max Payne 3 at max, I am pretty sure that I can run GTA V as its basically Max Payne 3 graphics, just a bit better. The only...
  20. H

    PC won't boot when Graphics Card is installed

    I don't know what happened yesterday, but when I tried to power up my PC it doesn't boot up. I removed my graphics card and powered my PC after waiting a few seconds it started to boot up. I don't know whats the problem. I have this PC for like 3 years from now and I haven't change or upgraded...