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  1. rootofpi

    Question Assembling PC

    Hello, I intend to purchase a PC because there are more than 50,000 PDF files on my office PC, and it's becoming difficult for me to operate because the PC storage is becoming full, and sometimes when I try to search for specific files, it won't work. I have a HDD storage device. So I'm...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Installing windows on a drive and then moving the drive to another PC

    I'm assembling a PC for my mother out of old parts I no longer use. I shall refer to it as PC 2. PC 2 will get its HDD from my main PC (PC 1). For reasons that are irrelevant to my question, I want to install Windows on that HDD before I assemble PC 2. Like I said, the HDD is currently on PC 1...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] New PC components recommendation

    Hello, I am planning to assemble a new PC for my home. Following are my component selections: Monitor: Cabinet:
  4. H

    [SOLVED] High CPU Usage after Rebuilding

    Hey, today I rebuilt my computer in a new case, I also reapplied thermal paste since the one in the CPU was dry, but after that I am getting some weird issues on both Windows and Linux, after some time of using the pc the CPU Usage goes insanely high, audio gets choppy and the pc freezes, It's...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] should i change my windows?

    hey there! so i recently bought a new cpu. i was wondering after assembling, should i change the windows? or just assemble it and after installing new drivers, keep continuing to my works?
  6. MS230000751

    [SOLVED] My RTX 3070 wont fit in my PCIe slot! Can i get some help?

    So I just bought all the components for my new desktop I'm building but I'm having trouble getting my graphics card to fit completely in the pcie slot as well as sit flush against the computer case... I started off doing a bench test and had the motherboard sitting outside of the case and...
  7. Question RGB Fans, SMPS, Hub assembly problem

    Hi everyone! This is my first time building and I am a complete beginner. Please kindly excuse any dumb questions that might come your way. I connected the radiator and system fan to the motherboard (both LED and power) Apart from that I have two RGB fans: 1. 2x Apevia RGB fans These are the...
  8. R

    Question I NEED HELP WITH MY PS4|not powering up :(

    Hello everyone, hope you’re all finding yourselves through this whole quarantine. My ps4 runs very loud so I figured I’d follow a video on cleaning the dust out. I did everything perfectly fine and treated everything carefully making sure not to break anything on accident. However, after putting...
  9. T

    Question Building problem

    Hello to all :D After long time i tried to assemble again a pc. I did it when I was young, maybe 20 years ago :p It was not so hard, but something went bad since the system is very unstable and I'd like to understand what I did wrong. This is what I bought Mars Gaming MCX ATX Corsair CX450...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Help with: desktop assembly

    I made a list with all the parts that i am going to buy for my new desktop computer. List: CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU Cooler Scythe Ninja 5 Motherboard MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX Memory (RAM) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 3200 Storage - SSD ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro NVME 1TB M.2 SSD Video...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Need a high end machine for development

    I need a machine for development. I need to run visual studio and sql server, no fancy games. Need to attach atleast three displays with it. Money is not much of a concern but I want it to last for a long time.. I want to assemble with very good hardware components but not sure what is...
  12. amir.bisk

    [SOLVED] Assembling a system

    Hi I want to make a new pc with this items i7 6700k or 7700k Gtx 1060 6gb dual OC 16 ram 2x8 2133mhz Asus z170-a 530w power Do you think that this things are compatible with each other?