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  1. IndraaBD

    [SOLVED] Can’t open Assetto Corsa

    Hello, I just bought Assetto Corsa (with a key from and when it was fully installed I couldn’t launch the game. I get an error when I try to open the game: ‘Access to path C:/users/......./..... etc is denied’. I have no idea what to di about it. Is this becouse I bought the key on a...
  2. L

    difference between DRR and DDR 2 Graphic cards?

    Do i need a DDR 1 Graphic Card in order to run on my DDR1 computer or is it fine to run a DDR 2 Graphic card on a DDR1 computer?
  3. F

    1080p 144hz, 1440p 60hz or 1440p 144hz but freesync with 1070

    I am building a new PC in the next month and Im looking to upgrade my monitor from an old 1080p 60hz samsung monitor to two 27" monitors however I cant decide what I should go for specs wise with the ROG STRIX-GTX1070. I mostly play League of Legends but I also play things like rainbow six, bf4...