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  1. geckovic02

    [SOLVED] Ticking time bomb... | Astro A50 gen. 3

    So it's basically the title. My 2 years old Astro A50 gen. 3 has a really blown up battery. I just noticed it and instantly put it outside in case it blows up somehow. The warranty just ended 3 months ago. I don't want to throw 300$ out of the window, so can I remove that battery safely without...
  2. S

    Question Help with PSU on Full Build this is my build... i dont want to change anything except for the power supply and/or motherboard if possible... when i select a power supply it gives this message: "The ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 ATX LGA1200 Motherboard has an additional...
  3. H

    Question Why does my headset pick up all sounds?

    Basically, my headset picks up all sounds from my game, and other voices and plays them through my mic twice for everyone but once for me. For example, on discord, I can have conversations and play games and people cannot hear me or my game twice. However when I'm not in discord and im playing...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Does Y splitter reduce sound and mic quality?

    I was thinking about buying some Astro A10's, but the problem with this is they only have a single 3.5mm jack which would plug into the front of my pc. Many people say these front ports make the quality sound terrible which is something I want to avoid. Would buying a y splitter for 1x 3.5mm to...
  5. J

    Question Fortnite hacking

    Hello around 12 months ago I was stupid enuff to follow a clan/guild mate into he's hackwebsite.long story short I got done,I've come to realize I really like fortnite more then the new COD and question is what measures done need to take to get me back online?I'm willing to buy a new ssd...
  6. V

    High Gpu temperature

    hi, i'm playing resident evil 7 on my pc with ryzen 2400g and rx 580 with max settings and i notice that my cpu temp to be around 80-90c and i'm now quite worried if this can affect my pc as it is just newly bought.
  7. Y

    Overheating CPU Shutdown Help

    How do I get my system from getting too hot & shutting down? I have the GTX 550 Ti with 750 watts power supply.
  8. C

    Upgrade a R5 1600 to 2600x, 2700x or i5 9600k

    Hello, i want to Upgrade my current Rig. Ryzen 5 1600@3,85 GHz RTX 2070 Asus Prime B350-Plus 16GB G.Skill TridentZ CL14 600W BeQuiet Pure Power 10 I friend is getting more fps in games, hes got a i9 9900k and a 1070ti and i think the CPU is the problem here. I dont stream or record, i just...
  9. KalashnjukUA

    Who has i7-4790 (non-K) ? What's the possible lowest voltage you've ever reached?

    Hello, mates! I've got this CPU and it works fine on 1.064 voltage but now I wanna to get it a bit lower, just like a sporting sense) Its temperatures in games are quite decent: up to 62 ( it has not been scalped ) So, what do you think, if the CPU will work fine on 1.000 volt?
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Multiple blue screen errors. Help needed.

    So basically, this started happening randomly about a month ago and I have yet to find out what's the issue. I've shown people the minidumps and they haven't been able to tell me what exactly is the issue. This happens only at startup as I'm booting up my PC, it happens all the time and it...
  11. R

    Systems restarts while gaming - - asus anti surge

    Hi I am confused if my psu has enough power. It sometimes restarts when gaming. It has an corsair 750 watt psu gold plus 6 months old. A asus mother board skylake cpu 4.0 ghz 16 gb ram dvd and 2 ssd. And one gtx1080 ti and one firepro 5100 gpus. Do you think I need an bigger psu? rochsolid84
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Can I install SSD on old Compaq Presario?

    Here are the specs for the motherboard, The computer is a SR1511NX-B. Can I install a SSD on this machine? If so, which one should I get? It has 2 SATA connectors (supports a total of 2 drives, 1 serial ATA-150 disk drive on each...
  13. W

    I5 6600k temps

    Hi have i5 6600k which isn't overclocked. I am using id cooling 240L aio liquid cooler. Without any programs open on desktop i get around 26-32 degrees and when gaming i get 52 - 60 degrees is this normal for cpu that isnt over clocked?
  14. D

    System randomly shuts down (not a cooling or fan issue)

    I built my computer two years ago. It has been running silky smooth up until now. Just recently, it has started to randomly shut down. At first, it would do it during gaming. Then, just idling at the desktop. A few times I successfully was able to log in and navigate Windows for awhile before...
  15. Z

    SImple question about monitors

    BenQ XL2411P or ASUS VG245H? for gaming and watching movies
  16. D

    Is my PC setup okay?

    Hello guys! Just wondering what you guys think of a system i'm looking at getting. First of all i wanna stress the fact, i have no intentions or desire to overclock now, or in the future. I plan on running everything at stock speeds because i don't play many demanding games. The games i mostly...
  17. V

    As a parent, how can I get a master control of all the PCs and Android devices in home.

    Apologies ahead of time if this post should be under a different category. Please relocate if necessary. I'm a parent of 3 children. They each have a computer running with dows 10 and each have a tablet or phone running Android. I would like to have an application on my phone that is a master...
  18. H

    Not displaying anything

    I recently bought a new graphics card I bought a GTX 1060 6 GB I deleted all the drivers and then installed the 1060 it was working for a bit but it wasn't giving me the frames I should we have had it was give me 30-40 frames I tried restarting my computer multiple times unplugging and plugging...
  19. M

    PC Slow Boot Help

    My PC Specs are as follows -Intel Core i5 750 2.67 GHz -8 GB Ram -Windows 7 Ultimate -Geforce GTX 950 -Segate 1TB hard disk drive There are times where my PC boots slowly and sometimes not at all. But thankfully, this only happens occasionally and when I restart my PC, it seems to work out so...
  20. S

    MSI GS63 7RD or HP Pavilion Power?

    Hello. I'm an engineering student in third year of computer science. I'm looking to get a good laptop for college with the side gaming capabilities. First off, I know many people would just recommend me to build a budget gaming PC and buy a cheap usable laptop for college. Let me point out...