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  1. Mohammed Taz

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to install M2 NVME SSD on a Asus A88x-Plus?

    I wanted to install a NVME SSD on my motherboard, but my motherboard does not have a M2 slot. A friend recommended me to buy PCIEx to M2 adapters card and use that. 1. I want to know is it possible to use and install windows on it? or should it be used as a secondary storage? 2. Is it worth it...
  2. J

    Question Some beginner questions on overclocking and advice.

    Hello the internet hive mind. KIT: AMD Athlon X4 860K | ASUS A88x-plus/usb 3.1 | some Cooler Master Evo thing | NVIDA GeForce GTX950 | 4x Kingston 4GB RAM 1660 (I think) | SSD | HDD I built my first ever PC a few years ago now and loved the experience and learning that came with it. I have...
  3. L

    First time building a pc, how is my build?

    It will be for gaming. My goal is 1080p 60fps with at least mid-high settings. Any advice would be appreciated. My budget is $1500.