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  1. S

    Question How do I increase HT Link voltages in AM3+ ASUS motherboards?

    Hello there, I use an FX-8350 with ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard and I want to increase the HT Link speed. How do I go about increasing the voltage? I’ve searched around the BIOS and I’m stuck on this last part to overclock as I don’t see any voltage to tweak in regards to HT Link. I’ve...
  2. S

    Question Soundbar only making audio on the right side of the speakers after motherboard change. Left side completely silent

    As the title says, the left side of the soundbar is completely silent after making a motherboard change. The soundbar being defective is ruled out as I have tested this on two other devices and the left side sounds completely fine so it's clearly not the device at fault. What could be the...
  3. RylieDetchon

    [SOLVED] ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z with RGB case fans

    Hi, noob question here. I have an ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z with an FX-8150. Want to buy RGB fans for my case but not sure if this motherboard supports AURA Sync. Looked on the motherboard and located the case fan headers but I'm not sure if they're compatible with AURA Sync-compatible case...
  4. J

    Capture Card for pc and xbox

    I was wondering wht would be the best capture card for me if I want it to record my xbox and a specific window on my pc with one capture card. Using the same monitor.