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  1. JosefuAto

    [SOLVED] ASUS FX505DV-NH74 Framerate lower then normal.

    Greetings forums! Recently my friend purchased an ASUS FX505DV-NH74 laptop (RTX 2060, Ryzen 7 3750H, 16GB DDR4) for gaming purposes. During one of our play sessions, we noticed that framerates in games that should run at above 60 (Minecraft with Shaders, Overwatch, Apex: Legends, all at...
  2. MariosZiuJunior

    Question CPU 100% GPU 30% LOW FPS PLEASE HELP

    Right so i bought this new gaming laptop from Asus and it is really giving me a hard time with FPS mostly in fortnite. My CPU goes to about 90%-100% but my GPU usage is always under 35%. I don't know what to do i tried reinstalling the drivers clean i tried changing the control panel settings i...