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    Question Asus G14 fans ramp full speed randomly

    So I purchased an Asus G14 from Best Buy (GA401IV model) and been having a chronic problem with the fans randomly ramping up to full RPM. There seems to be something overriding both the windows power mode and the Amoury Crate software. The temperatures are well below threshold with no intensive...
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    Question Asus Zephyrus G14 select gpu

    I got Asus Zephyrus G14 and im happy with it. Except that I cant choose what program will use what GPU. I tried setting it for a specific application (UserBenchmark) in Nvidia Control Panel, Windows "Graphics performance preference" and it still uses integrated GPU :/ Does anyone know how to...
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    Asus Zephyrus G14 Poor Battery Life?

    I'm getting around 4:15 hours of battery life till it gets to 10% with my G14 (R7, 1660TI). I was only using it browsing Firefox, watching YouTube videos at 480p and 1080p over WiFi. Also typing some stuff in notepad with the brightness set to 30-40 even 10-20 in the last hour. Keyboard...
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    [SOLVED] Activate G-Sync on Asus G14

    Hello! I am trying to actvate G-Sync on my new Asus G14 with RTX 2060. However, the option is not showing in Nvidia control panel. From what I understand the display support Freesync and also have G-Sync Compatible available. But the option to set up G-Sync is not there. Has anyone got this to...