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  1. Piash666

    Question (Urgent Help) Asus Strix nvidia geforce 970 resolution problem, PC restarts, Why?

    Hi! My GPU is 3 years old. I could play any game released till 2018 at highest graphics settings. Later releases like Battlefield 1 had to played in lower settings, which was not a big deal for me (as I like the storytelling aspect of games). But recently any game I am trying to play (High end...
  2. J

    Installation stuck need help

    OK so I sent my PC back to where I bought it so they can update it to windows 10 but when they sent it back it was stuck on the 64% bootloop so I carried I back and they told me to use another PC and use MediaCreationTool to make the install thing on a flash drive so I did that but now it stuck...
  3. C

    Laptop To External Monitor

    So I have kind of what i would call a unique situation... I have a laptop (running Windows 8.1) with a broken screen. I've been using it via an external monitor, but recently decided to completely wipe the hard drive and start fresh. Only problem is that now it wont connect to the monitor and I...
  4. Y

    Can my motherboard handle that card at full speed without any proplem ?

    My motherboard gigabyte b75 m d3h. Video cards sapphire 270x vapor x 2gb or the the 280x can my motherboard handle these cards without to stutter bottleneck