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  1. I

    Question GPU & PSU recommendation ?

    I have ASUS H81M-PLUS motherboard, 4x4 1600 MHZ Ram, Intel i5 4460 CPU i need to upgrade my GPU in this system. my PSU is AC~220v 50hz. I have a good budget. Is this system does it support 1050ti or 1650ti? with this CPU. Waiting for your GPU suggestions can be any brand or model. I would be...
  2. Briancarr12

    Question H81M-PLUS (NO POST)

    Hello I need urgent assistance. I have a PC that I have built a year ago and since then has been working fine. Today I received a new Intel i7-4790K which this motherboard (ASUS H81M-Plus) does support. However, once I placed the new CPU in the motherboard the computer will not boot to BIOS at...
  3. V

    [SOLVED] I7 4790k and Asus H81m-Plus?

    Hi I was wondering if my H81m-plus would work with a i7 4790k? I have got bios 2110 would that be good enough? I know it's not the ideal motherboard for it but honestly processor is my priority upgrade at the moment.
  4. N

    Question Do i need a full upgrade or what i have will do for the minor upgrades?

    Hello, I am a noob when it comes to computer hardware. Please don't take it otherwise if my post seems funny. My aim is to be able to play the popular pc games that came out till 2019. I have the following specification on my existing pc: Motherboard: Asus H81M-P Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  5. C

    Is my motherboard damaged? (GA H110M S2H)

    Hello ! So I got GA H110M S2H with i5 6600 and I don't have a gpu (I am using intel hd 530) . I am using TELEFUNKEN 22" as PC screen and the problem is that when I am using HDMI in order to go to bios I get a black screen and when I am using VGA bios works ! So what should I do? (By the way pc...
  6. M

    i5-7500 stock cooler noise

    Hi, My new build with the i5-7500 stock cooler makes a constant buzzing/humming sound. Here is a video (be sure to turn up the audio). Sorry for the bad quality; I had to record with my tablet. I have 35°C idle temps, the fan is clipping no wires and when I reach in and manually stop the...
  7. D

    What size is the GTX 650 fan?

    Hi guys, Over the years the fan blased on my GPU have broke off (dont ask how lol) anyways i found a fan that is 70x70x10...