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  1. Aviator636

    Question Laptop won't start on pressing power button ?

    The only way to start my old ASUS x54c laptop is to reset the bios by removing CMOS battery plugging in the charger. It turns on as soon as power cable is plugged in, but won't start when power button is pressed ? Any idea why this is happening and how to fix this??
  2. inkstainedbrush

    [SOLVED] Asus K52F-BB5: Unable to Boot After BIOS Flash

    TL;DR - Attempted a BIOS update, which appeared to be successful. Now, the computer will power on, the fans come on, but the screen stays dark. The background: I have been trying to give this old laptop a bit of an overhaul since my son is doing Online Learning for school and really needs a...
  3. FilmmakerAnto

    Question ASUS TUF FA566I Freezes After a couple hours of use

    Hey I just bought brand new Asus Tuf laptop CPU: AMD 4800h Gpu:1650 4GB Ram: 16 GB 512 GB SSD I mainly use it for video editing on the go. I bought it on September 24th and used it extensively for hours without any issues. I have also played Apex Legends and League of Legends for 2 to 3 hours...
  4. Asdfguy86

    Question ASUS Q302L stuck at ASUS splash screen

    I was sent in an ASUS Q302L laptop to look at and it has a pretty strange problem. Usually for these sorts of things I update the drivers, the BIOS, and upgrade something (in this case they wanted more RAM so I put in an extra 8gb stick). Everything seemed fine until I updated the Intel Wireless...
  5. ViBro.Official

    Question ASUS Laptop asks for Boot Device Every time!

    Recently I am facing this issue. Whenever I turn my laptop on it asks for boot device even though only Windows 10 is installed. I tried resetting the bios, reinstalling Windows completely. Even I downgraded my bios and upgraded my bios again still it appears & along with that I am facing issues...