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  1. Question Help to identify wifi card type from Asus - R521UA-EJ091T

    Hi I want to upgrade this laptop's card to one with Wifi 6 (Dual Band), but I've never seen one of this type, with only one input for the antenna cable. I leave here some pictures of the wifi card that is on my laptop, to help you understand what I'm talking about and what my question is...

    Discussion Asus and Lenovo laptop buying guide

    If you can buy an Asus laptop (خرید لپ تاپ ایسوس)or a Lenovo laptop (خرید لپ تاپ لنوو) through Iran, I suggest you try Baninopc (بانی نو). If you know a suitable place, introduce it.
  3. willyburns

    Question ASUS VivoBook Pro 16X OLED — Ryzen 7-5800H vs i7-11370H ?

    I wonder if you guys could help me make a decision? Both laptops are exactly the same spec apart from the CPU and the price. Should I go for the Ryzen chip (M7600QC) which has 8 physical cores and 16 logical but only boosts to 4.4 GHz and has slower single core performance; or for the Intel chip...
  4. P

    Question Asus Laptop not charging while plugged in

    My laptop is an Asus Q504UA 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop. Suddenly the laptop cannot be charged. I have tried to put it in different outlets and with different adapters and it made no difference. Then I installed a new battery which allowed me to turn on the laptop for a short time, but it would...
  5. Caryelah

    Question Acer Swift X SFX14-41G or ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14?

    Hi. I need thin and small laptop with decent hardware for university. I will use the computer for these: JavaScript programming, Photoshop, video editing-rendering and gaming. The games i want to play: GTA V, World Of Warships, Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, PREY and Far Cry 6. I found these...
  6. V

    Question Using Powershell to install asus driver - for dummies

    I am completely ignorant about powershell but an ASUS driver has to be installed with powershell windows 10 operating system Download - done Click to run powershell as admin done NOW WHAT? THIS IS WHAT POWERSHELL window says: PS C:\Users\cance\Desktop\touchpad\Touchpad> THIS IS WHAT THE...
  7. GA Sebastiab

    Question I have an Asus FX570ZD laptop that I want to enable AMD fTPM in BIOS but there is no option for it and it's not active in Windows ?

    Is it behind a hidden bios option that I need to unlock or does my laptop not support TPM 2.0 ? I've bypassed the Windows 11 requirements and installed it. The problem is that I want to play Valorant and it boots me out because I don't have a trusted platform but secure boot is enabled. Help...
  8. Spineworld_23

    [SOLVED] Is it worth replacing my laptop with a PC?

    Hello, I have an ASUS ROG Zephyrus M15 and it's semi-perfect for the fact that it has INSANE thermal throttling, which I believe is not normally occurring the way that my laptop is. On ThrottleStop, my GPU constantly has BD Prochot and thermal in yellow, and EDP other flashing red, even when...
  9. H

    Question Logitech Gaming Headset only works when Realtek audio is disabled ?

    I just got a new laptop (Asus M16 GU603HM) and love it. But I'm having a heck of a time trying to get my Logitech - G PRO X wireless headset working with it.... Anytime I try it's stuck on "Setting up" in the GHUB setup screen. Then if I go to windows audio and try to test them, it says the...
  10. C

    Question Which laptop would have better light gaming preformance?

    I've been looking at two possible laptops to buy, the ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425EA-BM024T and the ASUS VivoBook S14 S433JQ-EB145R. The main use for either laptop won't be for gaming however I would like to be able to do some light gaming if able. Some games I have in mind are CS:GO, Valorant, and...
  11. Apof

    [SOLVED] Some keys consistently type multiple different characters

    Hey people, I've got a laptop keyboard problem. As the title hints, the problem is that some keys when pressed, they type the right letter, but also some other one. These are all I found so far. Pressing A or J types AJ. Always in the same order. When I hold it, it types AJAJAJAJAJ etc. This...
  12. HolyMonkeyNuts

    Question Taking a PowerBook G4 Bluetooth Board and putting it in an ASUS laptop X555LA

    Hey guys, so I have a Bluetooth Board from a PowerBook G4, part number 820-1471-A, and was wondering what I need to do to put it in an ASUS laptop X555LA that doesn't have Bluetooth. For example, do I have to also include the Airport Extreme card too? Can I just piggyback the B/T board's...
  13. sarlock123

    How can i move my Laptop OS (Win10) from old SSD to HDD and back to New SSD

    Hello World, This is my first Question in Tom's Hardware. Hope anyone will help me. I am planning to upgrade my 250GB SDD with a New 1TB SSD. In my Laptop there is two hard disk. One SSD (250GB m.2 Model) and HDD (1 TB). So, is that possible to migrate my Win10 OS from SSD (250BG) to HDD and...
  14. facebook01378

    Laptop restart if plugged out instantly during gaming

    I have an Asus GL702ZC: RX 580 (19.12.1 2019 adrenaline drivers) ----- GPU undervolt -81mV Ryzen 5 1600 16 GB RAM (dual) Win10 x64 latest Ryzen Master shows 1.3-1.4V fresh from boot up, so I'm running on a quite a big CPU undervolt Running on 3.2GHz at 1V (PROFILE 1) or 3.4 GHz at 1.085V...
  15. inkstainedbrush

    [SOLVED] Asus K52F-BB5: Unable to Boot After BIOS Flash

    TL;DR - Attempted a BIOS update, which appeared to be successful. Now, the computer will power on, the fans come on, but the screen stays dark. The background: I have been trying to give this old laptop a bit of an overhaul since my son is doing Online Learning for school and really needs a...
  16. A Grandma

    [SOLVED] Asus FX553VD unable to turn on after moving and returning RAM

    Hello, A friend of mine opened his Asus FX553VD to take a look at the RAM slots. Things he did: There was already a stick at the 1st slot and he removed it to take a closer look. He placed it back into the 1st slot. This time, the laptop didn't turn on. Only the power indicator lit up...
  17. C

    Question Asus laptop only work by constantly swapping RAM from one slot to another

    My asus laptop turns on with a black screen unless i move the RAM from one slot to another every time before powering up. Tried hard reset, different RAM modules, removing hard drive, trying a different power supply, plugging in VGA monitor and nothing worked so far. Its not a power thing...
  18. JFritz07

    [SOLVED] M.2 Not Showing Anywhere

    Have an Asus GU502LU (i7-10750H, 16gb, 1660Ti) that I got not long ago. I decided to add a WD Blue 1TB M.2, besides the 516gb M.2 that came with the system. The issue is that the WD does not show in device manager, disk management, or in the BIOS. In the BIOS (which is updated), there are only...
  19. Mike Kim

    [SOLVED] Problems after spilling coffee on laptop

    Image 1 ; Image 2 So the other day, I accidentally poured coffee on my laptop and decided to clean the insides (motherboard, fan, etc.) using cotton buds and a dry cloth. The model of my Laptop is an Asus x507UF-BR003T. After cleaning the inside of any remaining stains, I decided to let the...
  20. J

    Help!! lag when gaming laptop has low battery!!

    Hey guys, I need your help, a friend of mine has an asus gaming laptop, I dont know the specs, I know its recent. So he complained cuz of heavy moments of lag when playing gta v, he could barely move, I was surprised cuz we were playing gta v which is a really old game, and actually sometimes it...
  21. W

    Question Black screen while booting with USB

    Hello! So, I was trying to reinstall Windows 10 after apparently my hard disk stopped doing noises and showed up on the BIOS menu, and it just won't boot after the laptop's logo and the spinning. It shows a black screen and won't go further after 5-10 minutes, which is the usual for this laptop...
  22. JosefuAto

    [SOLVED] ASUS FX505DV-NH74 Framerate lower then normal.

    Greetings forums! Recently my friend purchased an ASUS FX505DV-NH74 laptop (RTX 2060, Ryzen 7 3750H, 16GB DDR4) for gaming purposes. During one of our play sessions, we noticed that framerates in games that should run at above 60 (Minecraft with Shaders, Overwatch, Apex: Legends, all at...
  23. JustAStarterPack

    [SOLVED] Can I add an SSD on my ASUS laptop?

    I have a laptop with a 1tb hdd but I am thinking of buying at least a 120gb sdd for faster boot time however I am not so sure if my laptop is capable of that. So, Can I use both the hdd and sdd? Also, can I add a RAM? This is my laptop ASUS Vivobook X540UP...
  24. Jack12346

    Question ASUS FX505D "Power Throttled" brand new laptop, what to do

    Hi, I just bought an ASUS laptop yesterday. The model is ASUS TUF Gaming FX505D. Specs are RTX 2060, Ryzen 3750, 16 GB of RAM. I have another desktop which has a GTX 1060, 16 GB of RAM and an Intel i5-7400. I've tried only one game so far on both (DotA 2) and I was getting about 20-30 less FPS...
  25. Galileu9

    Question Brand new laptop shuts down severall times right after first booting up

    Hello! Today I bought an ASUS laptop and, after reading the starter manual, I left it charging for 3 hours, as it was what the manual recommended. When I go to power the laptop on, I don't get an image on the screen at first and after maybe 10 seconds, it just shuts off. One second after...
  26. Asdfguy86

    Question ASUS Q302L stuck at ASUS splash screen

    I was sent in an ASUS Q302L laptop to look at and it has a pretty strange problem. Usually for these sorts of things I update the drivers, the BIOS, and upgrade something (in this case they wanted more RAM so I put in an extra 8gb stick). Everything seemed fine until I updated the Intel Wireless...
  27. N

    [SOLVED] 802.11ac 2.4 Ghz Compatibility

    Hi, I recently got a new laptop and now realise the wifi card is a 802.11ac card. My home wifi is a 2.4 Ghz (802.11g/n) network, and when I connect to it I get very slow speeds (around 10% of the speed on wireless other devices). I want to know before I go out and purchase and fit an ethernet...
  28. H

    Question Replaced Hard Drive in Asus ROG now its no longer showing splash screen on boot.

    So I have an Asus Rog G750JW. Couple weeks ago the hard drive died in it, I came to this conclusion because upon booting it was stuck doing disc error checking. So I went out AMD bought a new hard drive and popped open the bottom and easily replaced it. However now it doesn't show any bios...
  29. A

    Best CPU for price for a 1151LGA socket?

    What is the best CPU for gaming that is under 200$? I have a GTX 1060 and a i5-6400 with 8GB ddr4 ram right now. Was thinking of buying a i3-8100. Here is some CPU-Z images if needed:
  30. D

    R7 370 or RX 560

    Which would run better for gaming,r7 370 2gb 256 bit or rx560 2gb 128 bit.R7 is 1000mhz,rx560 is 1300mhz. Also would it run most games on high-ultra if I went crossfire with R7?
  31. L

    asus zenbook ux303 suddenly shuts down randomly

    i have had this laptop for over 9 months and its now showing random shut downs. For example, using it with the battery, it can say it has 30%, or 17% ( numbers between that range) left and it suddenly shuts down. however, ive tried many ways, and sometimes the battery works correctly. i...
  32. I

    DDR2 at 1066 crash win 10 every time

    Hi. I got G.Skill Ripjaw DDR2 at 1066 mhz and every time after 3-4 min it crash win 10 There is 4x2 gb blocks and motherboard is GA-EP45-DS3L that support up to 1200 mhz memory without OC and up to 16 gb Can any1 solve this problem?
  33. G

    intel pentium g4560

    can a pentium g4560 fit in h110m-d?
  34. D

    Help me please! 1st pc

    Hi I decide to build a pic to show it off to my gaming friends cause I play in a potato laptop but I'm struggling with my Pc build but don't wanna ask my guy friends cause I wanna seem cool when I show them my baby. I plugged everything in in my motherboard but once I use the hdmi from my...
  35. magnus0036

    I'm thinking of upgrading a PC I got from my uncle

    I recently got a PC from my uncle and I'm planning on upgrading the graphics card to Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060. I just wanted to ask if any of the other parts also need to be changed. My specs are: GPU: GeForce GTX 660 Ti CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ #.40GHz RAM: 24 GB Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G41...
  36. F

    Computer randomly restarts mostly when I play games

    For the last year or so my computer will randomly restart (mostly) when I am playing games, (eg, League of Legends, Overwatch, Starbound) but it has happened when I am just using Microsoft Word. I have replaced everything except my cpu and motherboard because I don't have the money to do so and...
  37. T

    i7 4940k vs i7 5930k Future proofing options

    So far I have heard that the LGA1150 is dead, but the LGA2011 socket isnt. Im wondering for upgrade-ability and still have good performance which one should i get? Also Can you stably overclock the 5930k to 4.4 or wheres the limit, or what clock speed would match the other for things like gaming