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  1. S

    Question Best monitor for me

    Hello guys! I am looking for buying a gaming monitor. Currently I am with RTX 2060 6GB OC PRO and Ryzen 5 2600. The monitor i stopped on and grabbed my attention was Asus VG27AQ. I know that this video wont run great on it but i will upgrade in the upcoming year. What are your thoughts? Is it...
  2. saintequila

    Question No displayport connection after nvidia installation

    Hi, I have the Asus VP249QR gaming monitor. and somehow the DP connection isnt working. Removed old drivers using DDU while on DP (working) but when it gets back to normal bootup and Nvidia drivers are automatically detected, DP wont be detected anymore. I tried the power cycling test for...
  3. M

    Lenovo ideapad screen + fan isn't working but it's still turning on

    My lenovo laptop is charging fine and the lights are suggesting that the laptop is turning on when I press the power button however the screen stays black and the fans don't turn on but I can hear the internals working and I have turned it off and on but the problem persists, any help would be...
  4. M

    What to Upgrade

    I bought my Cyberpower Gaming Armour Elite in 2013 and at the time I could play any game at maximum settings without problem, but obviously as time went on I started experiencing drops in frames and had to start dropping the quality. I was wondering, out of my CPU and GPU which to upgrade to...
  5. R

    I need feedback on this build for the budget line.

    It seems that my budget won't be $800. Instead $600. I made this build for $600 (I'm pretty sure i'll forgot about mail in rebates) and I think it's enough. I only plan to play games like call of duty and battlefield with anti aliasing only at 2x, medium-high settings and I think it'll be enough...