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  1. P

    Question ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 - SSD Locations?

    Please excuse the dumb question but this is my first build in more years than some people are alive. I have an 11th Gen Intel so PCI4 will work. I have 1 Samsung 980 Pro drive and one is in Slot A socket 3. It's speed is at 4.0 speed. I have an RTX 2070 Super in Slot A PCIEX16_2. I have...
  2. kapps1243

    Question Computer boots, but no display and 'breathing' MOBO (HOBBY MINING RIG)

    Hi guys, I am completely stumped. I am putting together a hobby mining rig for the first time, but am an avid PC builder. I was able to boot into the BIOS no issue 30 minutes ago, but now, I boot up to a black screen and 'breathing' motherboard LED's. The only changes I made since the last...
  3. lukas25611

    [SOLVED] After motherboard change the GPU isn't working.

    Hi, I changed my motherboard and my cpu today and after I installed everything it worked fine, but when I put the GPU in I don't get image. The motherboard is a Asus H110M-Prime with a I3-7100 and a Nvidia GTX 760. When I started the computer with the motherboard Hdmi I wanted to install the...
  4. A

    Question where can i get the screw for the m.2?

    I have a H110m-e/m.2 asus micro atx board and just bought the 970 evo but seems i have no screw and none in a little bag either. I cant seem to find a screw for it and asus support has left me dry as for help!! Can anyone help me as i dont know the size or where to get on at. Thanks in advance!!
  5. L

    Question Motherboard fan headers + Fan problem solution?

    So I'm currently trying to build an ITX setup with the new Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming Motherboard. From what it's showing the motherboard has 3 fan headers: 1 for the CPU (CPU_FAN), 1 for the chassis (CHA_FAN), and another for the pump (AIO_PUMP). And the current cooling solution that I'm...
  6. P

    Question Asus Prime B450MA not turning on

    My pc is working fine until after I cleaned it. Removed the dust and all, then put it back as is, now it won't turn on. All wires are properly connected and there's an indicator that there's a power in MOBO (lit). Been trying to figure out what happened. Anyone knows some work around?
  7. idinku

    Question I want to overclock my 10 year old pc please help.

    Motherboard :- M5A78L-M LX3 Processor:- AMD Phenom II X4 B60 Ram:- 8gb ddr3 Gpu:- Asus GeForce GT 520 1Gb Psu:- Corsair VS 450 Hard-disk :- 1tb sata Normal processor fan and normal case with one fan . I want to increase as much as possible from this spec
  8. M

    Question Adding a GPU to slot 3 to drive my monitor

    Hello all, I would like to have a set-up with one GPU dedicated to deep learning and one GPU for driving my monitor (not gaming, so it can be an inexpensive card). At the moment I have a single GPU driving my monitor and also doing deep learning and when this is happening at the same time the...
  9. T

    Building A Cheaper Gaming PC

    I've been trying to build a gaming PC to be able to run games like ARK: Survival Evolved and GTA V at 60 frames on ultra. Not planning on playing on higher resolutions than 1080p... Is this build good and is there anything wrong with it? If so feel free to edit the build and link it below...