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    [SOLVED] Last bios boot time.

    I think I may have messed something up with my m.2 drive. In my last post I was having some issues with it, and I thought I had fixed it, but I just realized on the last bios time its 30seconds. Being as I have an m.2 I really dont think 30 seconds is where I should be. Specs: intel i7-7000k...
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    [SOLVED] Should I bother moving my RAM to the "recommended slots"?

    Some context here, my system has 16gb of ram which works absolutely fine and has done for over 3 years. But I realized recently that my ram was running slower than it should which I can sort in the bios simply. But reading up I noted that my ram is in the a1-b1 orientation where as Asus...
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    Question I ran into an issue with my custom built PC. NOT POSTING, BOOTING TO WIN 10

    I was playing games on my PC and then I decided to restart my computer for a nice refresh and then my PC didn’t want to boot to windows 10. I want to check on the cables for the hard drive SSDs and it’s looking fine but still not booting up the windows. now I ran into another issue it’s not...