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  1. Shinoyshinoo

    Question No signal in windows 10 boot, can enter safe mode

    I just upgraded to a used gpu -asus and r7 260x oc 1gbddr5 And the system won't turn on . When turned on my PC this happens -"windows logo comes with loading sign and black screen then no signal ."system turns on safe mode . system turns on my old video card gt710.i have uninstalled all it's...
  2. C

    Can my PC run a gtx 1060?

    My specs are: CPU - Intel Core i7-4770 @3.40GHz RAM - 16 GB Motherboard - Gigabyte GA Z97P-D3 PSU - EVGA 600w 80 PLUS 1TB HDD Would I have to upgrade my PSU or any other component?