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  1. 5leadgaming

    [SOLVED] Bandwidth limitations m.2/SATA B550-F Gaming (WiFi)

    I have just purchased a 2nd m.2 SSD for my system, I already had a 1tb m.2 for my OS and other things along with a 10tb SATA HDD. Didn't think much about limitations on bandwidth, I've tried a few combinations of things to make all 3 devices connect properly with no luck, I'm not too...
  2. ChaozTaco

    Question DRAM and Boot light is on, usb ports won't work

    This is my first build and I was able to wire everything up properly but the issue is the led light is the DRAM is on and the boot light is on too. It's able to display to my monitor and it says to press delete/f2 to go to bios but my usb may not be working cause I tried putting my mouse and...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] When I turn on my PC I can't see the bios screen

    When i turn on my PC it acts as if i never turned my monitor on. Usually ill press the power button on my PC give it like 3 seconds then turn on my monitor and click my mouse a few times to ensure my monitor stays on. But now when i turn on my PC it doesn't even show the bios screen and if I...