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    Question [SOLVED] Crosshair VII Hero Q LED always yellow (DRAM), but computer works normally

    New build using the asus Crosshair VII Hero Wi-Fi. The board has the nifty numerical display at the top right, with four LEDs directly below it with different colors/meanings. In videos I've seen of this board working properly, on boot it cycles through those colored LEDs. Mine does not do...
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    Question [SOLVED] Dark Rock Pro 4 doesn't work with CPU FAN header

    New build, featuring ASUS Crosshair VII Hero and a Dark Rock Pro 4 on top of a Ryzen 3600x. Plug the silent wings fans from the cooler into CPU FAN header, they spin once and die. Plug the stock ryzen cooler into CPU FAN, it functions normally. Plug the silent wings fans into regular CHA FAN...
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    Question D.O.C.P cause code 04 on shutdown?

    Ryzen 2700x Asus rog crosshair vii hero 16gb 3200 ram gskill trident Z Rtx 2080 Ssd Samsung 970 pro 500gb 2x Seagate 2tb EVGA 850w psu So recently when I shut down the pc , everything goes off (monitor keyboard) but the pc stays running with code 04 , did research and tried everything but...