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  1. XwynPheryl

    [SOLVED] GTX 950m from GL552JX Stutter on everything

    I've also summarized the problem at the bottom if you want to skip the backstory Spec : Asus GL552JX Windows 10 Pro-64 bit (21H1 19043.928) BIOS GL552JX.203 i7-4720HQ 2.60GHz (8 CPU) SSD 248GB + HDD 1TB 8GB RAM GTX 950m 4gb VRAM Backstory : I bought this old second hand laptop in 2017, while...
  2. EpIckFa1LJoN

    Upcoming Coffee Lake chips

    So it seems like Intel is branching off from their tradition of making really fast quad cores in the i7 line and is now making the 8th gen, hex-core processors. I was planning on upgrading to that from my 6700k to get more performance out of my Blizzard games, but it doesn't look like that may...