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  1. stracer98

    Question Asus ROG GTX1070 High Temp Problem after using Anti Sag Bracket; Does anyone ever experience this?

    Did anyone ever use any anti-sag bracket? I've recently purchased Lian Li Anti-Sag GPU bracket and already assemble it nice and firm. However, my gpu temperature rises to 90 degrees celcius during start-up (no idea why). Then i've decided to remove the bracket since I think that it may have...
  2. zrasner

    Question 1070 works in one computer but not another?

    Bought an ASUS 1070 strix, works in my other machine that already had a 1070 just fine, so it's not the card. The computer in question boots just fine with it's old GTX 660, but will beep once and then no display with the 1070 installed. The PSU in the problem computer is also brand new and...