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  1. S

    Question Will my RTX 3090 hit the SATA ports on a B450-F motherboard?

    Hello, im looking to see if anyone knows if my 3090 will fit on my b450-f mb. Currently, I have a 1080ti, and it was unable to fit in the top slot due to the sata ports blocking it. Now i dont know if it could have fitted or not, but i instead just placed it into the other PCIe slot. As my 3090...
  2. ulissesneves

    Question Asus Rogs Strix B450f Gaming II +3 pci express problem

    This motherboard has 6 x PCie expansion Slots.... When I connect 2 rtx 3070 works fine....then when I try connect the 3rd rtx 3070, I cant even get in the bios, (no monitor signal, no keybord signal) nothing... anyone had this problem? *latest bios driver
  3. C

    Question I think mobo is defective, system won't POST ?

    Specs Asus B450F Gaming Nvidia 1660 Ti Ryzen 7 3700x Amd Wraith Prism cpu cooler 2 8gb Gskill DDR4 ram 2 16 gb Gskill Trident Z ram Corsair Hx Platinum 750 Watt Psu My pc is a year and a half old So i was on my pc and i had to restart it because i accidentally closed riot vanguard and when i...
  4. A

    Question HDD’s not detected/multiple issues, please help 😭😭

    Hello, I am currently dealing with a few issues with my improved system, A little while ago I ran into some issues with my msi b350m motherboard (it initially said windows needed repairing then stopped posting), so i decided it was time for an upgrade, as the b350m had already given me so much...