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  1. V

    Question Computer powers on, no display, no power to any ports

    Hi there, Currently just moved into a new house and had to move my desktop. Done the same way that I have each time with no previous issues by packing it into the original box the case came in with styrofoam and some padding with a plastic 3D printed support for the GPU, carried gently and...
  2. mookaleenee

    [SOLVED] Overclocking DRAM on Strix z270e gaming with i7-7700k?

    I am trying to overclock my DRAM to 3600MHz from default 2133MHz. Using 4x8gb F4-3600C17Q-32GTZ which is QVL. I am a beginner at this and have been searching from google pretty much about this and found that I should use XMP settings and maybe tweak couple of voltages, which I did. I used XMP...
  3. TheOverNightGuy

    [SOLVED] Im curious if i should upgrade motherboards, if it would be worth it

    I built my computer a couple years ago and i have an intel i7-7700k processor with an asus z270 tuf mark 2 motherboard. I cant afford to get a new generation processor and motherboard, so i was curious if it would be worth it upgraded my current motherboard to the rog strix z270e or the Asus...