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  1. n0rthV

    Question boot after new NvMe not possible

    Hello there, I need some help with a NvMe and ssd. Following system: amd ryzen 7 2700x gigabyte radeon rx 5600 xt asus rog strix b550-f gaming 1 TB HDD 250GB SSD SanDisk external 1x 3.0 NvMe 980 Samsung 1TB 1x 4.0 NvMe Kingston KC3000 7000mb/s 500GB So I ordered the kingston Nvme to migrate...
  2. andresmillones

    Question What are the main differences in these ROG STRIX Z790-E/F/H GAMING WIFI?

    They have the same chipset for the intel CPU I want to acquire, and in overall they are very similar buy I want to know which one is the "best", I don't mind the price lol. For some reason, the z790-h is the "best" in Userbenchmark, but I don't really believe in that page. By the way, I would...
  3. K

    Question Gaming Laptop Comparison

    Hi all, looking to buy a gaming laptop and narrowed down to two that I like. 1. ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 240Hz IPS QHD Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, Intel Core i9 12900H, 16GB DDR5, 1TB SSD ($1,699) 2. MSI Sword 3070Ti Gaming Laptop, 15.6" FHD IPS 144Hz, 12th Gen...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Computer Freezes with still image with brand new parts. Help?

    Hello Forum. I recently bought new parts for my PC and i have freezing problems, can you please help? :/ ----PC---- ● GPU : RTX 3080 ZOTAC AMP HOLO 10GB ● CPU : Intel i5-13600k ● RAM : Kingston HyperX Fury RGB 32GB CL16 3200Mhz ● MOBO : ASUS ROG STRIX z790-a wifi gaming d4 ● SSD : SAMSUNG EVO...
  5. G

    Question B550i Gaming networking problems (Asus Rog Strix) PingPlotter

    Hello, I am experiencing some problems and could use some help. Mostly these are networking problems, but I am also getting events related to my processor and experiencing performance issues so I've opted to put this in the mobo section. First, my specs: Asus Rog Strix B550i-Gaming motherboard...
  6. R

    Question Can't boot with two sticks of RAM

    I have an Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming that i recently bought a 5700x to update my Performance on the cheap. I upgraded to 6042 that supports 5000 series and now i can only boot with one stick of Memory on the Board. It won't boot at all with two sticks in. Things I've tried Tried another CPU...
  7. R

    Question Ryzen 5700x won't boot on B350

    I recently just got a Ryzen 7 5700x on sale. I have an Asus B350 Motherboard ROG STRIX B350-F. It says it's compatible with a BIOS update (6042 i think is the recent version?) which i did and i then installed the new CPU. It turns on and stays on but I get no post sound and no display. Was i...
  8. D

    Question Asus Rog Strix g15 - G513RM-HQ064W: can i install win10?

    I'm in the market for a new laptop my use cases will be heavy video editing and university this rog strix g15 looks good to me the only issue is win11 which i really don't want so I've planned to install win10 onto it although I've seen a lot of controversial answers on whather is possible or...
  9. AndromedaSubZero

    Question Asus Rogstrix B550F stuck on Boot Screen

    I understand that there is already an older post with the same question as mine however the solution did not work therefore I am simply asking again to see if there are other solutions to my problem. System Specifications: OS - Windows 11 Pro CPU - Ryzen 5 5600x GPU - Gigabyte AMD Vega 56 Mobo...
  10. P

    Question Need help Asus vs Lenovo

    Hi after reading 200 reviews and doing a deep research about two laptops I want to know the toms hardware forum users opinion about that two mid-high range laptops. I'm talking about the Asus Rog Strix Ryzen 6800h 16GB ddr5 and the 3060 with "140W" TDP...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] SSD/HDD not being detected in new build

    Hi, so I just built a new PC, everything is new besides the HDD and SSD which was working in my old pc. Now when I try them in my new build it wont detect the disks in bios. Any help? Specs: Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX X570-F CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x RAM: Kingston Fury 32GB GPU: ASUS Geforce RTX...
  12. Robby Shorts

    [SOLVED] Help! I think one of my fans on a ROG-STRIX-GTX1060-O6G-GAMING is starting to die!

    Hey guys, yesterday when I was playing PUBG, I noticed an odd burning smell coming from my PC. Along with this for the past 2 days, I noticed that when my PC was idle (so GPU fans should be off, or at least on a low setting) I would hear the GPU fan speed rev up and get to be pretty loud for...
  13. J


    Hi, i'd like to know your point of view if its worth paying more for the Asus Rog Strix z690-E motherboard which currently here in Europe costs 554€ with no discount which equals to 608$ in US and the ASUS Rog Strix z690-F costs 380€ with discount which equals to 417$ in US, i would save about...
  14. BrownStar

    [SOLVED] Keyboard doesn’t work so I'm stuck on "Please enter setup to recover BIOS, Press F1 to Run Setup” ?

    I’m not even sure how this happened, all I did was plug my case fans directly to the motherboard vs. being plugged into my Corsair Commander. Now I can’t boot in Windows…. Issue: Stuck on the American Megatrends screen where it says “Please enter setup to recover BIOS, Press F1 to Run Setup”...
  15. Gazownik

    [SOLVED] 2080 Ti still relevant in 2021? Question about purchase.

    Hello, I've got quite an unusual (I think) question about GPU's. I've sold my 1080 ti last year with the thought of buying 3080 on the day of release - and You probably know how it went... (I still don't have it). Lately, I was able to find a seller that has got an Asus ROG Strix 2080 Ti...
  16. RagedAPE


    Good afternoon I need help on choosing a board please. My system will be 3080 Rog Strix / 5800x / 980 pro 1tb / 16gb 3600mhz vengeance ram / 850w gold corsair rmx PSU / corsair h100i AIO. With all that in mind I am still yet to decide on the motherboard, my uses will be strictly gaming at...
  17. LuckyHood

    [SOLVED] Using Cooling Pad With Intelligent Cooling

    Hi, guys. I bought myself an Asus Rog Strix G17, and I was thinking to use a cooling pad for it. A friend of mine told me that this laptop got Intelligent Cooling and that a Cooling Pad can actually harm it. Can you give me any advice on it?
  18. YouKnov

    [SOLVED] keep my ryzen 9 3900x and or wait for ryzen 4000s series

    So I just got the Ryzen 9 3900x* and was wondering if I should return it - which I only have 4 days left for - and wait the 1-2 months for Ryzen 4000s series or keep my stuff. Some info on what I currently need the CPU for in amount ratio 5:2: gaming (everything from Civilization 6 to...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] Ram not Working - ASUS ROG Z370 ATX gaming motherboard

    Hello! First-time post here! So I recently got two new sticks of 8GB Ram team t force DDR4 3200 in addition to my two sticks of 8GB Ram T-FORCE DDR4 3000. I have the ASUS ROG Z370 ATX gaming motherboard and am having trouble figuring out why the new ram won't work. I can only boot the system...
  20. F

    Question Which One Is Better MBR or GPT for Windows 10 Boot ?

    Hello all, I am new for everything about PC Builds. This time I have little bit confusing about MBR or GPT partition for booting my windows 10. Currently I use GPT partition for this because I found it's much better. But I want new experience and recommendation which one better for booting...
  21. GoodBoy5110

    [SOLVED] Should I buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb

    I found two really cheap graphics Cards at a really legit computer store sale and wondering to buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb Gaming OC or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb Gaming at the same price. Their price are at 100$
  22. krelidas_34

    Which laptop is better? ASUS ROG Strix G or ASUS TUF?

    First, let me start off with ASUS TUF. This laptop has AMD Ryzen CPUs in it. This laptop is good at streaming videos, since the CPU is Ryzen. Not only that, it has a decent webcam. But TUF does not have efficient cooling as ASUS ROG Strix G. The Strix G has better cooling, and better brightness...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] booting to windows, then restarts itself to bios, then restarting it to windows

    I am having an issue with my computer. When I first start the computer it will load windows, to the log in screen, it will then restart itself after a couple of minutes to bios. I then restart the computer then it will run normally. Not even sure where to start looking for this issue. Spec...
  24. throwawayaccnt

    [SOLVED] Troubleshoot: Water cooler leaked onto MOBO & into CPU socket, No Boot

    Hey y'all, Bit of a travesty here, noticed my friends PC was running hot (103 celcius!) so I turned it off and did a teardown, noticed the water cooler was low so refilled it a bit, secured everything and stood it upright to see water coolant raining out of the bottom. my friends PC cooler...
  25. C

    [SOLVED] Help me choose which graphics card I should get.

    I have asked this question before, but this time a want your actual opinion on which one I should buy and not just comparison websites. I am deciding between the ASUS ROG Stix OC and the ASUS ROG Matrix card. The matrix card is about 300 dollars more than the Strix OC on average. However, the...
  26. M

    [SOLVED] Which laptop should I buy? Asus vs Acer

    Hello. I want to buy a laptop for college (studying something similar to IT/software engineering), some video editing and some gaming. Two options I found, with an i7-9750H, 1660Ti and 16GB Ram are: Asus Rog Strix G GL531GU-WB74 (120Hz, 512GB SSD) (Newegg) Acer Predator Helios 300 2019 version...
  27. facebook01378

    Question Asus Rog Strix GL702ZC shutdown on any GPU stress

    Hello guys, so about a week ago, right before I went on my holidays I gave my laptop to a computer shop/service to have it cleaned out and re-pasted. The laptop in question is in the title while it's specs are: RX 580 4GB Ryzen 5 1600 8GB RAM Kingston 500Gb SSD + 1TB Samsung HDD Win 10x64 The...
  28. S

    Question Asus rog strix z390x-e (new build) issues with boot menu/cannot install Windows 10/OS

    I just completed a new build on a gaming PC, and this is my first time putting a PC together. I have an ASUS Rog Strix z390-e motherboard. I had no issues assembling the pieces, and the PC turned on first try, and the BIOS came up without any issue. Under "Storage Information" in the BIOS...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] Ram on this motherboard?

    I'm pretty sure these components are compatible, but i'd love to hear a second opinion mostly for the RAM. Mobo: Asus ROG STRIX B450-F RAM: HyperX Predator 2x8 GB 3200Mhz CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Asus RX 580 4GB Nitro+ PSU: Corsair VS650
  30. Y

    [SOLVED] My laptop heats up and fps drops massively while playing games...

    I own an Asus ROG GL503GE, which has 8gigs of RAM, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB, and Asus' cooling system is supposedly decent. But whenever I play games, it heats up a lot. Around 78°C for the GPU and similar for the CPU, when that happens, the frame rate drops massively, e.g., for FIFA 19 regularly I...
  31. A

    Question GTX 1070 TI - No Signal

    Hi, how are you guys doing ? I have recently assembled my new pc - yesterday - and when I try to boot it up on my antique TV/Monitor I get a no signal display. The curious thing is, when i tested the GPU using my old system - specs below - it started alright and I got video. But when using my...
  32. throwawayaccnt

    [SOLVED] Asus ROG Strix B450-F // Orange DRAM light error - No Display Recognition

    Hey y'all I just bought some upgrade components for a Frankenstein-PC I was building for a friend, I bought a Ryzen 5 2600/Asus ROG Strix B450-F/Trident Z RBG 2x8GB DDR4-3000 combo bundle off of NewEgg, I'd noticed upon unboxing that the Motherboard was already unpackaged, the board was...
  33. S

    Question Can I use 8+16=24GB DDR4 Ram for Asus ROG Strix GL503GE Gaming Laptop

    I've Asus ROG Strix GL503GE-EN268T Gaming Laptop with Dedicated Graphic Memory Type GDDR5 Dedicated Graphic Memory Capacity 4 GB Processor Brand Intel Processor Name Core i7 Processor Generation 8th Gen SSD Yes SSD Capacity 256 GB RAM 8 GB RAM Type...
  34. M

    Question How to stop fail start and overclocking after new RAM install?

    I can't seem to find this answer no matter how much I Google it. I feel that it's a simple solution and I just can't find it. I just upgraded my ram to 16gb. Ever since I did this my pc fail starts, meaning it starts but nothing is detected on my monitor sometimes. My tv is my monitor. My...
  35. T

    Question First Ever Gaming Build

    Hey Guys, I am building my first ever Gaming PC and have a lot of questions. Below are the components I have chosen. A couple of questions I have are, Will the i7-8700k bottleneck the GTX 1080ti or vice versa? I will be using a 1080p monitor and plan to upgrade to a 2K monitor later on. Should...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] Requesting help verifying SSD speeds - NVME vs SATA III

    Hi All - Big fan of Tom's Hardware - Have come here for many issues throughout the years to solve issues, I need some help now customized to my own rig. I recently purchased a V-NAND SSD 970 EVO PLUS NVME 500GB to add to my PC. I'm currently using (2) SAMSUNG 850 EVO 500 GBs connected through...
  37. L

    Question Very Low GPU Usage

    Ok. So this is my setup - I have an Asus Rog Strix GTX 1070ti paired with an AMD Ryzen 5 1600. In almost all games, my GPU usage is under 15%. In GTA V, I have my graphics at high and I cannot run it at a consistent 60fps. My GPU usage is normally 7% and CPU usage...
  38. C

    Best monitor to pair with LC24FG73

    Is their a monitor (preferably cheaper) with the same height and bezel as the Samsung LC24FG73? E.G. side by side be seemless when on a dual monitor stand

    will there be microstutter in pcie 4.0

    was wondering with being able to transport 32gb's in each direction will there still be microstutter in pci express 4.0
  40. J

    Friends... intel Pentium G4540 vs AMD A8 7600 kavri

    I want to do browsing .sometime games And many more so tell me which prossesor is best for me.I don't have money for graphic card.i 'll use Integrated gpu. Reply me :) In CPU and integrated gpu.