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    Question I dont know how to Port Forward my Asus router

    I have tried several times to Port Forward this router,but at the end of the day it never works.By that i mean my port isnt open. I am trying to port forward for a Minecraft server to play with my friends. My router's model is ASUS RT-AC51U.
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    Did I fry my RAM?

    I have a Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 2666 MT/s RAM stick and I went into BIOS and raised the DRAM Frequency from 2133 MHz to 2667 MHz, that was the only thing I changed, everything else I left on auto. It then bricked by system, not posting at all or allowing me into BIOS. I tried another 8 gb...
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    System and compressed memory maxing out HDD

    When system is idle I used around 5% of my HDD. When I open anything or change the webpage System and compressed memory moves to the top of my process list and starts to use my HDD to the point nothing works. I have been trying to install some games using steam and when I click resume it loads...
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    b500 ver2 gtx 960?

    so i have this psu cooelrmaster b500 ver2 it has 500 w on 38 amps so i wanted to ask could this psu fry my pc in the future i read the manual and ti said it had those protection Fully protection ( OCP/OVP/SCP/OPP ) with build-in Over Temperature Protection ( OTP ) i dont know what these mean but...