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    Gaming laptop options

    My budget is $1000(usd) Currently I’m looking at: ASUS TUF FX505DT-AL106T[120hz,Ryzen 5-3550h,8gb, 1650, 512gb Ssd] HP Pavilion 15-bc444TX[60hz,I5-8300h,8gb, 1050ti, 128gb SD+1tb hdd] I need a laptop that is reasonably thin, looks and feels good, has an ssd slot(fine if already inserted), can...
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    [SOLVED] What is the diffrence between these two Motherboards ?

    Hi,i found two ASUS Tuf motherboards and i really don't know which one to choose and i also cant find a difference between these. Can you help me out to choose ? I also include the PC Specs. #1: #2...

    Question Is rtx 2060 compatible with asus tuf b450 plus

    Hi I am on a budget so i need help in this delicate katter its my first build so i have a very little idea of components compatibility with each other so i need a remedy for this if its is not compatible within the price range any comment will be helpful. Thanks and plz
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    [SOLVED] What is a SDRAM on this Motherboard ?

    Hello, im picking a motherboard and i found this motherboard with good price but in description i found it has SDRAM 2666mhz so i wonder what it is and if its compatible with this RAM. Thanks for every respond ! Links: