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  1. thenishant96

    What Ram Will You Choose to Powerup Your Notebook Between These ?

    Corsair Vengeance Performance 8GB 2400MHz CL16 DDR4 V/s HyperX Impact 8GB 2400MHz CL14 DDR4 Non-ECC Unbuffered One is cl16 and another one is cl14 but they Barely have any price difference that's why am confused
  2. N

    Question Internal hard drive on laptop only occasionally working

    I've had an ASUS Vivobook F510ua for about 3 months now with no issues. Suddenly the past couple days i've noticed that sometimes the HDD will not work. I will log in and it will say D:/Desktop is unavailable and has been moved or deleted,or whenever I try and view something on it like pictures...
  3. thenishant96

    Question Cooling Pad For Asus Vivobook S15 S530 ?

    What Type of CoolingPad Should I Buy For My Asus Vivobook s15 s530? Since it got heat extension between hinge and display. i want do lil bit gaming. View:
  4. E

    USB Ports dead.

    Hello All. My USB ports are dead, is there a easy way to check the voltage? on the MOBO. Seems to power 4.7v but not 5v :-S Mobo is a Foxconn g31mx Cheers