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  1. Carla1997

    [SOLVED] Fan makes awful noise and suddenly loses RPM and doesn't recover till restart

    Hey, Recently put my laptop in for repairs and got a new fan put in. About 10mins after getting it home it started to make a funny noise if my knee touches a certain bit beside the charger (left hand side) its an Asus X550v. ive checked the temperatures using speed fan and it normally runs at...
  2. J

    Is USB 3 compatible with USB 1 and 2

    So I bought the h110 mobo and it has two normal usb port and 2 3.0 usb ports but as my 2 rear normal usb ports are occupied by mouse and keyboard and now I wanna attach my 10 years old xbox 360 controller but there's no normal usb port vacant at rear so should I just plug it into usb 3 and call...