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  1. crowsaic

    Question Desktop starts to turn on, then red CPU light and turns off again. Cycles repeatedly ?

    I have a home-built PC desktop. It has been working fine for a number of years. Out of the blue when I tried to turn it on this morning, the blue fan light turns on, then after about a second, a red CPU light appears on the motherboard and it turns off again. It continues trying to turn itself...
  2. R

    Question RAM stick recognized in BIOS but not utilized when running

    Hi all, I recently purchased a SAMSUNG 32GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 32 GB Server Memory Model M386B4G70DM0-CMA RAM stick for an upgrade to my computer. My motherboard is an Asus Z97-A, which I read supports up to 32 GB and DDR3 memory. However, when I replaced my previous 2 sticks, 2x4...
  3. S

    Can i run good graphics game

    Mine pc spec is 6 GB ram Intel Pentium G3240 HD graphics No external graphics
  4. S

    Should i buy a used Asus G750JH

    I was on kijiji and someone offered me a used Asus G750JH for $850CAD. Im not sure wether its worth it or not considering that the laptop was released 3 years ago (he bought it only a year ago) and that it has a 780m. I also heard that the battery life is bad. Thoughts?
  5. H

    Help building a gaming rig

    I am going to buy this build next week can you computer genius' tell me if there's any cost effective improvements I could make? And if it will all be compatible here are my specs Intel i5 6600k processor Asus Z170-A Intel skylake Sli/CrossFire ATX Motherboard 240gb SSD & 1tb HDD &16 GB (2x...
  6. F

    RAID controller plus onboard SATA ports

    Hello, I picked up a server with a Supermicro X8DTN+ motherboard and a LSI 8708EM2 raid controller. The server chassis has 12 drive bays but only 8 of which are connected to the raid controller via SAS cables. That leaves 4 drive bays unusable by the raid card and an extra SAS connector on the...
  7. A

    No display on screen gpu & optiplex

    So recently I've picked up some parts on eBay, for a budget build. I got a e8500 dual core processor and a gtx 750 SC, to put in a Dell optiplex 380. Now first off I had to take off the guard that is around the vga, hdmi and the other port for the card to fit. Once I changed out the e8500 to the...
  8. A

    Replacing Old Deller

    Executive summary: Working HDD from a dead Ubuntu file server. Seeking advice as to the best plan for moving the data to a new NAS. Details: About 2-3 years ago I repurposed an old Dell as a file server (pretty much just my photographs)- put in a 2TB WD Caviar Black HDD and installed...
  9. P

    PC won't reboot unless motherboard disconnected and reconnected from PSU

    I built a new PC this past weekend, and it runs perfectly when it boots up (I'm posting this from it). But when I shut it down I am not able to boot it up again without opening up the case, disconnecting the power cable from the PSU to the motherboard and then reconnecting it. After that...
  10. M

    I overclocked my graphics card and now it cannot be detected by my computer

    I have a Acer Aspire V3 571-G laptop (yes i know, very old). I tried to overclock the graphics card on the laptop to get a better performance on my games. The graphics card is Nvidia Geforce GT630M. I overclocked it too far and now my computer cannot use/detect it. How do I fix? For example...
  11. B

    Had a few Issues with Current PC's Storage, need the Advice of Tom'sHardware Forum Seekers!

    Hey guys, it's Bloom. In the past, I've had problems with random crashes, freezes and blue screens. Tom's Hardware users have been EXTREMELY patient and VERY courteous with me. I've finally narrowed down the only possible cause and need the advice of the forum-goers here. After replacing the...
  12. A

    Memory management (paging)

    I want to know if there is any software available for monitoring the processes which are paging too much. My Firefox is using too much cpu on idle state. i have generally 30-50 tabs opened at a time. if i can stop this paging or monitor it somehow?
  13. J

    ff14 heavensward benchmark wont run

    Just got a new laptop with windows 10. It's not a high end laptop, so I was trying to run the benchmark to get a rough idea how it'll do. When I try to run the benchmark, it say's direct x 9 is needed, but when I try to install direct x 9, it says windows 10 doesn't support it. That laptop...
  14. I

    Difficult download win 10

    I believe is a software issue with win 8 disk i had for years. I replaced nearly all hardware mb mem cpu video card psu a hard drive. The only i had not replace is my win install disk which i had problems installing everytime. I took my pc to my local pc repair and said it could a number of...
  15. S

    GPU problem or uneducated user?

    I have had my Gigabyte 960 for about 2-3 weeks now and on a few games I have come across rendering problems. Mad max had horizontal grey lines covering the width of my monitor but I could only see them when I looked at the sand in the game (Due to contrast). Then in War Thunder I had this happen...
  16. P

    4790K 4.0GHz With H75 Temperatures

    I've looked through the forums and the only threads I'm finding on this subject question different coolers and overclocked CPU's. So please help me out and bare with me. I have a standard 4.0GHz i7 4790K processor. With the Corsair H75 liquid cooler. However I'm concerned with my temperatures...
  17. corndog1836

    windows 10 on my RIG in SIG

    I have upgraded 3 laptops and one old gaming pc with windows 10 without one single problem. please somebody talk me out of upgrading my RIG IN SIG.. I am getting lazy here and I am wondering if I really need to do a clean install and go through all the work involved to do that or if the upgrade...
  18. G

    How long till I need a aftermarket cpu cooler?

    Hello I just bought a i7 4790k but I didn't have enough to buy a aftermarket cooler. How long can I run the computer at stock CPU speed before I need to up grade the cpu cooler? How about a air coolers from Scythe? Good liquid coolers? Do I need the dual fan type or the single fan type?
  19. T

    Nvidia Surround with 3 Asus Swift Monitors and 2 Titan Z's

    Can someone just help me out here. I'm not really a hardware techy. I want to know if i can run 3 Asus Swift Monitors (Portrait or Landscape) with 2 Titan Z cards and if so what configuration do I have to use. See Link Below...
  20. T

    About Alienware Area-51

    Is that worth if I buy an Alienware Area-51 with the most advanced configuration? With two Titan Z, SLI?