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  1. bobbobkilu

    Question asus z97-PRO unusual A2 code issue

    So I'm having a very strange issue with this build. It worked perfectly for several years, then suddenly started failing to boot with Q Code A2 (IDE Detect) and no display. So I tried the typical solutions, check drive is still good, clear CMOS, flash update BIOS. And, once I flashed a bios...
  2. AtNvme

    [SOLVED] Power Surge Protection Issues - ASUS MOBO

    Well... (I'm unsure wether this goes into the MOBO or PSU section, I guess both potentially). I hoped I would never have to come back here again for that specific issues, but it has come back after a whole year, I had nearly forgotten about it. It all started in June of last year, where I had a...
  3. I

    New Gaming PC?

    Budget 500$ (Nothing More) I have a PC but it really sucks. I Need a PC that can handle games like Just Cause 3 with at least 30 FPS I Already bought a power supply and windows 10. Parts of old PC I was going to build I have a 50$ discount. I'm In the Usa if that...