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  1. G

    Question Display after replacing CPU cooler

    I just replaced my CPU cooler from stock amd to NZXT kracken and went into bios and and did the recommended OC for a water cooler. And now when i restart my PC or shut it down and turn it back on i have to reseat my CPU or pull the battery on the MB in order for display to show up. Bios was...
  2. H

    Question MSATA gl551

    Hello, I have a Gl551jw-ds71 laptop that came with a 1TB HDD. I'd like to keep that drive and add an msata ssd to it Is it possible? If so how? I can see a connector from the HDD RAM compartment
  3. H

    Question RTX 3080 Chinese

    Hey, So i've pre ordered my RTX 3080 from a local computer store and he said that the Europe distributor has ran out of the stock and that it will be in stock in the first week of February and i can get my Rtx 3080 tomorrow but it will be imported from china i talked about it with my friend...
  4. A

    Question Motherboard lights are on but pc doesnt turn on

    Hi, I recently Bought an Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard. When I got the motherboard the power & reset buttons on the motherboard light up when the psu is plugged in but when I press the power button it makes a hissing sound & doesnt make any attempt to turn on. The DRAM_LED light also flashes...
  5. Alaskanian

    Question ASUS TUF 3070 Sag

    So recently I built a new pc with the new ASUS TUF 3070 OC. Got it at msrp too so screw you scalpers. I do have an issue with it though, it sags a lot and it seems to be very delicate. What I mean is when I accidently slammed my desk the other day, my signal to the monitor turned off. PC was...
  6. Lejend

    Question Which 360Hz is better for competitive first person shooters? Asus PG259QN or Alienware AW2521H?

    Which 360Hz is better for competitive first person shooters? Asus PG259QN or Alienware AW2521H? Not really sure which one to choose purely for competitive first person shooters. I have a 4k monitor for other purposes.
  7. R

    Question My first PC build!

    Hello! ;) After long research I made it! As I have mentioned before in my previous thread, I never build a PC in my life. This is my first build! Here it is : Motherboard - ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Cooler - AMD Box Cooler GPU - ASUS RX460 (My old GPU. I decided...
  8. L

    Question Fans spin and then stop

    Okay so I have a asus b450 gaming mobo with 2nd gen ryzen 7 and 16gb of ram... recently I installed a water cooler and my pc worked fine for about a week then all of a sudden I got a black screen, after restarting it it would start to boot and show the windows logo but then again black screen...