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    Gpu fan a bit loose

    is it normal for new gpu(this is first i ever bought new) for fan to be a bit loose?I mean when you wiggle it with your fingers?
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    I7 7700k turbo boost on h270m mobo

    Hello guys, Im aware that my mobo doesnt support overclocking but does it at least support the cpu turbo boost. Ive been using the mobo and cpu for quite a while now and I havent noticed where the turbo boost sets in. Plus, where can I see it if it does? Thank you very much :)
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    Thermal grease between thermal pad and heatsink

    Hello, I want to ask if its ok to put a bit of thermal grease between thermal pad and heatsink to ensure good connection? Regards
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    Would this laptop be able to run the latest games on ultra settings with no lag?

    I've come across this laptop I'd like to buy: HP 15-ba079dx (Touch) AMD A10-9600P (7th Gen) / 2.40GHz Quad-Core Processor AMD Radeon R5 Graphics - 5GB 15.6" diagonal HD SVA LED Touch Screen Display 10GB RAM (DDR4) 1TB Hard Disk I've heard Radeon R5 series is not good for gaming. But the seller...
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    Mobo probably dead? Need help

    so story is I was just browsing / organizing some important things, then it crashed, no warning. (No bsod, no black screen, just instant crash/shutdown) After that, i tried turning it on again but it wont boot. No LEDs, no fans, nothing. Some things to note: - i shutted down my computer...
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    upgrade from NVIDIA GeForce 310 to GTX 750 Ti

    Complete hardware noob here (probably no need to point that out). I want to buy a PC to play GTA V. The one I have my eye on has decent specs apart from the graphics card, which is the GeForce 310. I think I'd probably be happy with the GTX 750 Ti. The CPU is Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3.2GHz with 8...
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    My core speed and multiplier are dropping suddenly during a stress test.

    I'm completely new to the whole overclocking scene, and I'm trying to squeeze some power out of my FX-6300 here that I'm rocking. After tweaking with settings in BIOS, I managed to get my PC to not BSOD after a second of Prime95 by increasing my voltage. Currently I'm hitting 4 ghz at 45* C, and...
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    i am going to build my first pc, and im not sure if these parts are compatible or if im missing anything.

    also, i am planning to make it a dual monitor set up, so do i need to buy any adaptors for that? here are the components harddrive: WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive (WD10EZEX) cpu: Intel G4560 Kaby Lake Dual-Core 3.5 GHz LGA 1151 54W BX80677G4560 Desktop...
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    Can I use an i3 heatsink on an i5 7600k temporarily

    I have an i3 6100 right now and my i5 7600k will be here tomorrow, Im wondering if I could possibly use an i3 heatsink on the i5 for a few days because the cooler is slacking on shipping and wont be here till the late weekend while the i5 will be here tomorrow, could this cause any damage to the...
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    Problem with I/O motherboard shield

    Hi guys, I have finished building my PC. While looking around, I noticed a problem with the I/O motherboard shield at the back of my PC tower. Below is a picture: I am having 2 issues with this: 1) In region 1 of the shield, there is a bump. I do not understand why the shield does that, but...
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    brand new pc wont boot due to bad drivers?

    i have recently built a new pc and i am getting constant freezes and blue screens when trying to boot and install windows onto a brand new hard drive i have tested all the parts that are the usual supects such as ram psu hdd etc.. The errors i get point to the drivers being the problem im...
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    Safe temperatures on i5 6500

    Hi, I have a i5 6500, and I have the following core tempratures: ■ Idle: 35 °C ■ Playing DOOM: 42 °C on average, and 47 °C maximum ■ Running a blend test with prime95: 70 °C Are these temperatures ok? I'm asking because I had an accident while building, my cpu stock cooler came out while I was...
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    BF1 & GTX 1060 Issues

    Hey guys, I received my Alienware 15 with the GTX 1060 6GB. Before I begin, I am aware that there were other threads similar to this but I have tried the suggestions and still do not have a solution. I have been looking around and I have noticed how buggy BF1 is in general. All power options...
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    Getting the old descent games

    Hi I play the old descent games often, and I bought it off gog games as it it the only one I know of that supports the game for newer computers. My friend now wants to download descent, and Its not on gog games or steam ( steam didn't even work anyway). where can I get a version of descent that...
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    4K Video Editing?

    As soon as I get my $$tax return$$ I will be building a new system for 4k video editing. I will be doing heavy grading and color correction on LOG footage in Resolve and Premiere, and effects like tracking, sharpening, noise reduction, etc, and possibly some heavy After Effects stuff in the...
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    BSOD memory management ntoskrnl.exe and some others.

    Minidumps :!AgM2rlLTOcAfcbdY8a27Rt9NbJU Ever since i upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 i have been having issues with my computer, its been a week since i had windows 10 and it was working great, but the last few days ive been having alot of crashes and...
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    PC not starting now.

    My old Mobo fried but it used to start at least for a second. I got a new Mobo Asus H61m-cs and also upgraded from i3-3210 to i5 2500. When I plugged in, It didn't start at all. Nothing happened.So I tried plugging the front panel power wire in every way I could but it failed. I have antec...
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    Cheap cooler for i5 7600k, no OC

    I'm buying a i5 7600k, but i'm not overclocking yet, because i have no budget to buy yet a Z motherboard and a cooler. My question is what cheap cooler do you reccomend for this cpu? The processor i'm buying is WOF, so it has no cooler included. It's only for a few months, like 6
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    Which Ram should I get?

    HI There, I need to get myself some DDR4 as I'm upgrading my MOBO. Which one out of these would you recommend for me to get?
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    I messed up

    I messed up, I got a new ssd today and installed it right, then forgot to activate my windows 10, and formatted the hdd that had my windows on it. I have a usb with windows on it. DO I have to pay 200 for it, :(